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Thread: Accounting PhD 2018, Profile Evaluation

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    Accounting PhD 2018, Profile Evaluation

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    Undergrad at Korea University (In senior year atm)
    B.S. Business Administration
    GPA 3.92/4.0
    GMAT 760 (Q50, V44, IR 6, AWA
    tbd, 99th Percentile)
    AICPA (Passed all 4 sections w/ 90+ grade)
    Work experience:
    Audit division at Deloitte, Seoul (3 months), Part-time CPA
    Deal Advisory, M&A division at KPMG, Seoul (Beg. Dec 2017), Full-time
    Research experience: N/A

    Some of my main concerns are:
    1. Lack of masters degree
    As most programs only recruit 2-5 new students, most of whom hold a Masters degree in Accounting, I don't really know what chances I have.
    But as far as I know, most Masters program in Accounting focuses on achieving the required credits for AICPA, which I already passed, so I'm not sure how much it will help me to apply for a MAcc.

    2. No statistics/math base & No research experience
    I didn't really plan to go into the field of research until recently, so I have like literally nothing here.
    I am planning on doing some research into finding the fields of particular interest, but I wonder how much of a disadvantage this is.

    Ideally, I want to aim for 1st-tier schools, but I just want to know how much of a chance I have in acceptance, considering that I do not have a Masters degree, like most other candidates.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Accounting PhD 2018, Profile Evaluation

    If you're aiming for top tier universities, the lack of statistics and research background will hurt more than a lack of masters degree. A little more work experience is nice to have as well. Having said that, Accounting programs typically expect applicants to have limited experience in these areas as it is seen as an applied discipline.

    When I was researching universities, it seemed that the requirement for a masters degree was split; half required it, while others did not. Also, for universities where it is required, they may have the option to complete a masters during coursework.

    Most important, though, is aligning your research interests with the university where you apply. I can expand on this, but I believe you can find the necessary information in other posts.

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