Undergrad at Korea University (In senior year atm)
B.S. Business Administration
GPA 3.92/4.0
GMAT 760 (Q50, V44, IR 6, AWA
tbd, 99th Percentile)
AICPA (Passed all 4 sections w/ 90+ grade)
Work experience:
Audit division at Deloitte, Seoul (3 months), Part-time CPA
Deal Advisory, M&A division at KPMG, Seoul (Beg. Dec 2017), Full-time
Research experience: N/A

Some of my main concerns are:
1. Lack of masters degree
As most programs only recruit 2-5 new students, most of whom hold a Masters degree in Accounting, I don't really know what chances I have.
But as far as I know, most Masters program in Accounting focuses on achieving the required credits for AICPA, which I already passed, so I'm not sure how much it will help me to apply for a MAcc.

2. No statistics/math base & No research experience
I didn't really plan to go into the field of research until recently, so I have like literally nothing here.
I am planning on doing some research into finding the fields of particular interest, but I wonder how much of a disadvantage this is.

Ideally, I want to aim for 1st-tier schools, but I just want to know how much of a chance I have in acceptance, considering that I do not have a Masters degree, like most other candidates.

Thanks in advance!