Hi all,

My profile:

Undergrad: Business Administration- major: Finance
University: One of the top university in my country, not recognized globally
CGPA: 3.9/4.0
GRE: 324 (Quant: 165)
Work Experience: 4 years as an equity analyst
Extra coursework: Econometrics (Coursera), Calculus (Coursera and MIT OCW), independent coursework: MS-level Microeconomics (grade: A), MS-level Mathematical Economics (grade: A)
Goal: to get intoadecentPhd program in Finance (Canada)

Since my undergrad degree has little recognition in Canada, I am planning to pursue a research based MSc Finance program in Canada to strengthen my profile. My queries are:

  • Which programs apart from UBC and Queen's place well in Canadian PhD Finance programs? Do the MSc programs in U Concordia, U Saskatchewan, and U Manitoba have good placement record in Canadian PhD programs (data not available in website)?

  • Should I also consider MS economics programs that have finance specializations? In that case, how competitive is my profile and which programs in Canada would be a reasonable target? (Personal preference: Ottawa, Ryerson, Guelph, and Calgary)

  • In case my PhD plan does not work out, which degree (MSc Finance vs. MS Econ) would keep more options open for an industry job in research?

Any feedback would be much appreciated!