Hello All:

I have an undergraduate degree in business administration with a major in Finance. My undergraduate institution does not have any global recognition. My goal is to pursue a PhD in Finance in a decent Canadian university and for that purpose, I am planning to get into an MSc Finance program (Research based).

I would be very grateful if anyone could clarify some of my confusions regarding MSc:

1. Apart from top ranked universities, how well do universities such as Concordia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan fare when it comes to placing MSc students in solid PhD programs in Canada?

2. Considering the worst case scenario that I don't get accepted into any PhD program, which program (MS Econ vs. MS Finance) would keep more options open for an industry job in research?

3. Since my math background is not adequate, would taking the courses offered in the online math camp by Rice University for its PhD students add any value to my profile?

My brief profile:

Undergrad CGPA: 3.95
GRE: Quant- 89th Percentile (might have to retake)
Extra coursework: Master's level Microeconomics (A) and Mathematical Economics (A)
Experience: 4 years in equity research

Any suggestion would be much appreciated. Thanks.