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Thread: What phd programs require a MBA or MS for Doctoral Finance?

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    What phd programs require a MBA or MS for Doctoral Finance?

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    Like the title states:

    What programs in finance require a MBA or MS finance degree? I have noticed that some programs which require a 3.5 gpa or higher usually have lower average gmat.

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    Re: What phd programs require a MBA or MS for Doctoral Finance?

    I'm not sure what your question is.

    Are you asking if there are any schools that require you to have a master's before entering the PhD program? The reason that I'm confused is because if you are asking this, why do you mention the GPA and GMAT? If you could be a little more clear that would help.

    I can answer what I think you're asking which is are there any schools that require you to have a master's degree before starting a PhD. I don't know any marketing programs that explicitly require a masters. This may be different for finance, but I would be surprised. That being said no explicit requirement does not mean that they don't have an expectation. If you look at current students you can see which ones have masters and with that in mind which ones are likely to require one.

    The correlation between gpa requirements and GMAT score is unknown to me. There is no reason to believe that a school that requires a certain gpa (and the majority have some cut-off even if it's not stated), would have signifiacntly lower GMAT scores. What do others think about this?
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    Re: What phd programs require a MBA or MS for Doctoral Finance?

    I know at my school the finance people have to take a few MBA classes if that didnt have one coming in. I have seen some mid to low tier accounting programs require a CPA, but that is the closest I've seen to requiring a master's. I dont know about the correlation between gpa and gmat requirements. Gmat scores pretty much increase monotonically with rank, but GPA may not. I think most people that do a phd did pretty well in undergrad unconditional on field or school rank. Higher tier programs won't put in a formal barrier to stop them from admitting a great candidate with a low GPA, but some schools might. It is likely imposed by the graduate school and not the department.

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