Hi everyone,

I was recently talking to a professor at a top European school (they'd previously been at a top 10 US program) & they were commenting on how fast European business schools have developed in the last 5-10 years - which was part of the reason they decided to make the move back to Europe.

Searching through this forum, I see a decent number of posts on European schools, but they all seem to be a bit dated (especially keeping in mind the above -- where things seem to be changing pretty quickly). So with that: I wanted start a bit of a "general" thread about doing a PhD in Europe.

If you look at the top, say 2 or 3 schools in country in Europe (let's call it: UK, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and Finland ... sorry if I left any out please mention), they have very competitive placement records, with the better schools in that lot placing fairly regularly within the US, and others placing at top schools around the world.

-How do you think that the 10 best in Europe compare to the US (= to the top 25? 50? 75?)

-What is everyone's experience? Perception? Thoughts?

-Anyone want to chime in on specific tracks such as finance/accounting/management etc.