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Thread: what schools transfer courses from mba finance?

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    what schools transfer courses from mba finance?

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    What phd programs transfer courses from an MBA finance?

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    Re: what schools transfer courses from mba finance?

    I doubt any do. Phd level finance is different from master's level. Some programs require exposure at the master's level because you will eventually teach it and it covers more intuition and application of the phd stuff, but they aren't substitutes.

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    Re: what schools transfer courses from mba finance?

    Having a MBA may save you from having to take MORE courses....but it will not result in you having to take LESS courses. What I mean by this is, the MBA courses will not transfer over and count towards your PhD. However, some schools, if you do not have a masters degree, will require you to take some master's level courses to get exposure to the topics at a more applied level before examining them from a theory-based perspective.

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