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Thread: profile evaluation phd finance!

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    profile evaluation phd finance!

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    I'm interested in pursuing a PhD in Finance but I'm like completely terrified of the admissions process so I'd love to get some advice about where I rank and what levels of schools I should be applying to.

    I have an undergrad degree in Finance with a 3.6 gpa, cum laude and I was in honors college at like a decent school, not an amazing one. I also did a dual degree so when I graduated I also got an MS in Finance with like a 3.6/3.7 gpa. My GRE scores were 162 verbal and then 167 quant.

    Thank you so much for any help!

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    Re: profile evaluation phd finance!

    A lot of this depends on the math that you have taken. If you only have what was required for a finance degree then you are somewhat deficient in that area and will have a hard time getting into good schools.Additionally, letters will matter a lot. Your gpa isn't bad, but doesn't stand out as great. Are you still in contact with professors from your degrees that could advise you and write letters for you? Their letters will be necessary and the quality of letter and reputation of writer matter.So, assuming that you have good contact with well-known faculty from your school and have taken 4 or more math classes beyond the finance degree, you have a decent chance at top 20. If you don't have those things then you will need to look at lower schools, but I can't say where.The good news is that you can work on the things that I have mentioned here and apply in a year or two if you are serious.

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