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Thread: Profile Evaluation (Finance PhD)

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    Profile Evaluation (Finance PhD)

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    I am planning to apply this winter for admission in Fall 2018 to a finance PhD program.

    Undergraduate degree from highly ranked state school (finance), cum laude (3.7). First year (single variable) calculus; have since taken introductory real analysis, matrix algebra, and multivariate calculus. Received 3.7s in intro to analysis and matrix algebra (last quarter as a non-matriculated student), and am currently enrolled in real analysis and multivariate calculus courses (so the grades will not be on my transcripts unless I am allowed to provide supplemental transcripts after the application period closes).

    Law degree from same school (T30), top 30% (3.6)

    GMAT 780, Q51.

    Since graduating law school, have worked in a position utilising both legal and business skills. In a role equivalent to associate corporate counsel at a large non-profit organization.

    I know my lack of formal math courses will hurt me, although I think my GMAT score and enrollment in math courses will help mitigate that somewhat. I also was able to audit a second year finance PhD course, and although I didn't get a letter from the professor (I didn't know him before the quarter, one of my recommenders did), I did reference the course and prof's name in my personal statement (at the advice of a recommender), and I think he liked me well enough and saw enough of my work that if they call him, he will have good things to say.

    Good. All are relatively well published in asset pricing, which is what I focus on in my personal statement. No Eugene Fama, but no undergraduate English professor either.

    Research Experience:
    Not a ton on the business side. I have recently published two articles (recently) in decently ranked law journals, and wrote a chapter in our state bar association's business law handbook for practitioners.

    Work Experience:

    I've worked for about 4 years out of law school. I am in an advisory role within a large organization (a cross between in-house counsel and something more integrated in the finance operation)

    I applied to most of the T25 schools in the US, but I really have no idea what the criteria are. What are my chances at the top 10 schools? Top 25? Top 40?
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    Re: Profile Evaluation (Finance PhD)

    Top 10 are usually impossible to say, no matter how strong your application is. But your profile seems to be very, very good. I would be surprised if you don't get at least into a top 25, unless there is some weakness that's missing here in your profile.

    You did have many Math courses in undergrad, and even if your research experience is not in business, it shows that you know what research is and can get results in research (and that's a lot more than most applicants are able to do).

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