Test Scores GRE - 95% in Verbal & 50% on the math portion. Undegrad GPA: 3.65 (Finance)
Graduate GPA: 3.25 (MBA - Concentration in HR)
Research Experience: ~1year in strategy
Teaching Experience: None
Work Experience: 1year in finance

Concentration Applying to: Strategy
Number of programs planned to apply to: ~12
Dream Schools: Anything top 50

Other Questions:

What made you want to pursue a PhD?
Academia has always been a passion and an outlet for me. During my Bachelors & Masters degrees I worked ~50 hour weeks in order to avoid the pressures of debt, so the idea of being able to focus the entirety of my time on my academics and research sounds like an absolute dream to me. I'm currently writing this post from work, actually.

Questions or concerns you have about your profile?
I feel as though I'm not very competitive, and its been quite a discouraging experience thus far trying to research programs that I would fit into. It seems as though the bulk of the posts I come across/articles I read are more directed towards top 10 programs and near perfect applicants.

I'm 23, and am willing to travel just about anywhere to find the right program.
4 glowing letters of rec, one being from my current research advisor and the others from previous professors.