Hi All,

I am looking to apply to Accounting PhD programs in the Fall, so I have a bit of time to get my application ready. I'd appreciate any feedback/advice, and any tips to improve my profile!

Research Interest: Tax Archival
Undergrad: BBA from Top 30 National University, Top 10 Business Program (Graduated December 2015)
GPA: 3.87/4.00
Accounting GPA: 4.00/4.00
Grad Program: MAcc from same school (Graduated May 2017)
GPA: 4.00/4.00
Math Background: Basic Statistics, Business Statistics, received Calc I credit from AP Calc class in high school (weak, I know)
Econ Background: Intro to Microecon, Intro to Macroecon, Business Economics (A in all)
GRE/GMAT: Planning on taking GRE this May/June
Research Experience: Independent research paper on local tax compliance co-authored with 4 other students during MAcc program. Not published anywhere, just presented to city government tax department. Did 2 years of research in unrelated field (marketing/humanities), but involved a lot of data analytics and won a university research award and presented at a national conference.
Work Experience: will have 1.5 years of work experience at mid-market public accounting firm by the time I apply.
Teaching Experience: TA/Grader/Tutor for BBA Intro/Intermediate Financial Accounting courses.
CPA: Passed all sections (scores all over the place ranging from 86-98); will be fully licensed after 1 year of work experience (August 2017.)
LOR: Really close to 1 accounting professor who's an active researcher (took a class + my research advisor during MAcc) - she was very enthusiastic about writing me a letter. Fairly close to 2 accounting lecturers - both I took multiple classes with and spent a lot of time in office hours but neither have a PhD nor do any research. They'll probably write pretty decent letters, but nothing outstanding.

Known weaknesses: I'm mostly worried about my quantitative background. I'm planning on taking Calc II and Linear Algebra at a local community college this summer after busy season, and squeeze in either Calc III or Econometrics in the Fall before I apply. I'm hoping this will at least show that I'm eager to improve my quant skills. Also hoping for a high quant score on my GRE.
I also have very little research/teaching experience. I have been attending my alma mater's monthly accounting research workshops/seminars and have been trying to read as many tax research papers as I can in my spare time to narrow down my specific research interests.
LOR: I'm a bit concerned 2 of my 3 letters are from lecturers who do not do any research/don't have PhD's. I have taken classes with other active researchers, but I am nowhere near as close to them as I am to these 2 lecturers.