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Thread: Suggestions for Profile improvement

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    Suggestions for Profile improvement

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    I'm an Indian and currently, I'm pursuing MBA. I want to P.hD in the area of finance from the US. I completed engineering in Information Technology.

    I will apply for the P.hD programs this year in 2018. By the time I will apply I will have close to 2 years of RA Experience, at least one conference presentation, and one paper in a peer-reviewed international journal (Second author). I'm interested in behavioral finance, corporate finance, and Macroeconomics. I'm also expecting a GRE score of 330+

    One thing that I'm worried about is my not so good academics. I was in the top 30% by the end of the first year MBA and my graduate GPA is 8/10. I have seen the profile of students in top 25 programs and generally found people with very good academics. It is not possible for me to retake courses and improve GPA.

    I'm also thinking of applying for CFA level 1 but don't know whether it would help in getting into P.hD program or not.

    I would be very thankful if someone could provide suggestions for profile improvement and any way to deal with acad problem
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    Re: Suggestions for Profile improvement

    Pubs will help. You will have to have a high quant score on GRE/GMAT to be considered to for top finance programs.

    Beyond that you'll need letters of rec that attest to your abilities. <- these matter for top 25

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