Hey everyone - A quick shoutout to the regulars on this board. I have learned so much over the last 2 years from everyone and I just wanted to say a quick thanks!

Background: I considered applying in the fall of 2017, but I received a job offer as a CFO of a really awesome company and decided to take it. I have no regrets as I have learned a great deal moving from public accounting to the private side, and definitely enjoy my job. However, I still have an itch to continue my education and am once again considering applying for a Accounting PHD program.

Test Scores (GMAT/GRE): I have taken the GMAT practice test and received a 680. However it is due to a high V (42, 96% Percentile) and a low Q (40, 47% Percentile). One of my main questions is for the schools I am targeting (please see below) is this a disqualification. If so, if anyone has any clue of min. Quant score for these type of schools, please let me know! I plan to study for the next few months and take the exam in June.. leaving time for a retake in July or August.

Undegrad GPA: 3.7 - State School
Graduate GPA: 3.7 - Same State School
Research Experience: None
Teaching Experience: GA for two semesters and would fill in for professors, if that counts?
Work Experience: Worked part - time for a local CPA firm for 3 years in college. Upon applying I will have worked for approx. 1 years as an audit associate at a large regional firm and 1 year as a CFO of a multi-state company with NI of approx. $2M.

Concentration Applying to: Behavioral

What made you want to pursue a PhD? As a GA I was exposed to the doctoral staff on faculty and truly enjoyed the way they went about there jobs and how much they cared for the students. I was able to fill in a few times when professors had to miss class and really enjoyed the teaching aspect. I was also the accounting tutor in college for all undergraduate students. I understand the research is the main goal of a PhD, and I am also excited about this, as I have never really been challenged in school and would love to push myself to the extreme. However, the true reason for wanting to become a Accounting Professor is having the ability to truly help others and build great relationships with staff and students.

I know Letters of Rec. are important and I have already confirmed I can get up to 3 letters from Accounting professors. One of the three was just appointed to the State Board by the Governor if this is given any extra weight.

I am not interested in going to a top tier school, it is probably not even possible, rather my main focus is staying in the Southeast due to family,etc. I have researched many different schools (Alabama, Kentucky, Georgia State, Louisiana Tech, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Emory, South Florida etc) and would just like my opinion on my chances.