Dear all,
I am going to study consumer behavior.
I got offers, positive news, or waiting list from the following schools.
I checked their websites and Who went Where; I consulted 2 people in this area (I don't know many ppl in this area).
So, I have some basic ideas about these schools. But, since this is such a big decision, I don't see it's a bad idea to collect more opinions or suggestions (especially for someone who is not familiar with US and its schools).
Could you please do me a favor by ranking the following schools (e.g., A>B=C>D...), in terms of, say, placements (is there any other important factor that should also be taken into consideration?)?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

U of Connecticut
U of Utah
U of Iowa
U at Buffalo—​SUNY
Iowa State University
U of Massachusetts—​Amherst
U of Kentucky
U of Tennessee