Simple question (I hope). I had an interview (really positive) that culminated in the program coordinator suggesting that I talk to some current students and that I should reach out if I have any questions or anything comes up. This was already one of my top choices, and having spoken to several people, it's officially where I want to be. I have another flyout in a few weeks where we were given a budget, and if possible, I'd like to save that other school the time and expense if I am going to get an offer from the first school.

I don't think they've made final decisions yet, but he seemed to indicate that they were targeting next week. I'd like to reach out to say "I spoke with several people you suggested, they said incredible things, and I am sure this is where I want to be. I have this other flyout, but I like your school better and would like to attend" (and mean it--if offered, I would accept).

My question is whether that will be perceived as enthusiastic or weird? At a minimum, I'd like to let them know that I reached out, and everyone had good things to that considered normal? This process baffles me a little bit.