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Thread: How to Follow Up?

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    How to Follow Up?

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    I had a really positive interview with a program that was towards the top of my list (the program was already potentially my top choice) and afterwards, the PhD coordinator suggested I reach out to some current students to find out more about the program. I did, and it was all positive. Now I am convinced that this is for sure where I want to be.

    I want to communicate that I reached out and this is where I want to be. To complicate things, I'm currently at a stage where I have the opportunity to do a flyout that would be #2 to this school's #1, but they want me to book travel in the next week or so. I think the first school is going to make it's decisions in the next week, so I don't want to seem weird or pushy.

    Would there be anything wrong with writing the PhD coordinator back to say "I reached out to everyone you suggested, they really love the program. I thought it seemed like a good fit before, now I'm sure this is my top choice. By the way, I've been asked to book travel for a flyout within the next week for (#2 school), but if presented with both options, I'd choose your program. I'd like to be fair to them, and not accept the flyout if you accept me." FWIW, the #1 program does seem to emphasize "fit" and "closeness". (All true, if given the offer here, I would accept it over other offers/the #2 school)

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    Re: How to Follow Up?

    I am in favor of transparency. Thus, I would reach back out to the PhD coordinator with a message along the lines of what you suggest. The caveat being, only do it if this is absolutely true. That is, if the PhD coordinator emails back with an offer you best be quick to accept it.

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    Re: How to Follow Up?

    If this is true, then I would say it. However, I would suggest visiting the other school before you make a decision. As you have seen, visiting a place can give you a lot of information. You would benefit from gathering all of the information that you can before deciding. Additionally, your time deciding between PhD programs is your first opportunity to meet a lot of people. It is really nice to make the basic connections that can last for years.

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    Re: How to Follow Up?

    If you are 100% sure, there is no reason not to do it. This makes the PhD coordinator's job easier, and may in fact improve your chances if, for example, they are considering two candidates and not sure which one will accept, which is a very common problem that we face in our program all the time.
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