Hi everyone,

I am currently a junior in undergrad, planning on getting a B.S. in Accounting and a B.S. in Finance at a state flagship university known for Accounting. I hope to apply next fall.

I am interested in financial archival research.

GMAT: 760 (49Q, 45V)
Undergrad GPA: 3.85/4.00
Math Background: Calc 1/2 in High School, Calc 3, Linear Algebra, and 2 Calculus-based Statistics classes before I graduate
Research Experience: None
Teaching Experience:
Work Experience:
3 internships (1 in a data analytics role, 1 part-time during the school year, and 1 in financial modeling+technology role)
1 from an Accounting professor that does not have a PhD (I know him very well), and 1 from a Finance professor with a PhD.
Not sure how relevant this is but I am familiar with Java, and have experience with Python and R
UChicago, Harvard, UPenn, Stanford, Yale, USC, NYU, Columbia, Northwestern, MIT, Duke, and Emory are on my list right now, but I intend to apply to 13-15.

Right now my list does not include any public schools because from what I have observed, it seems as though they prefer candidates with work experience. Does anyone happen to know if that is true?

Based on what I know about admissions, I feel that my weaknesses lie in my LORs (since I don't have one from a well-known tenured Accounting professor), my lack of accounting work experience/master's degree, and potentially my math background (0 econometrics classes). However, I would like to hear everyone else's thoughts on this as well in case there's something I can work on before I apply in the fall.