I am seriously wondering whether i should retake Gre or not due to the verbal score. I will apply next year for 2020 admission. Although i have enough time to prepare for Gre, I was so stressful to pour my efforts only for better Gre score.
I hope someone here can help me making a decision on GRE and evaluate my profile for my target schools. Thank you.

Test Scores (Gre):
Quant 169 (96%), Verbal 158 (80%), AWA 4.0 (60%)

Undegrad GPA:
3.6/4.0- Applied econ major in a school in Asia
[Classes taken]
- Economics: Microeconomics, Statistics for Economics, Econometrics
- Statistics & math: Calculus1, Linear Algebra, math analysis, Intro Computer programming, math statistics 1, math statistics2, Regression analysis, Time series, Nonparametrics, Bayesian statistics, Computational statistics
Graduate GPA:
[Classes taken]
- Marketing: several Marketing Quant Phd seminars
- Economics: Microeconomics1, Econometrics1, Applied econometrics, IO theory
- Statistics: Machine learning
Research Experience:
A year research experience in applied econ. lab, one publication and working papers in non-marketing related fields

Concentration Applying to:
Marketing Quant (focusing my research interest into structural modelling)

Target Schools: Yale, Michigan, Wharton, UCLA, U Toronto

I have a question as to which courses may be helpful for structural modelling. As far as I know, Empirical IO is the most fundamental course for structural modelling and hot issue in Marketing. what else courses are fundamental, necessary, complementary or helpful? I come up with some courses like Game theory, Information economics but do not have an idea on what extent these courses is helpful.