Hi everyone,

Like I mentioned in the title, I'm a college senior with a major in marketing and I want to pursue a Ph.D in this field. I completed a honors thesis project recently, focusing on computer-mediated communications and marketing implications for firms. And this is the research topic I want to continue exploring with my Ph.D

But I know the path is never that easy. I recently had my profile reviewed by a very well-known professor in CB and that person shared that the school's doctoral program wants students with prior research experience (working with professors or working in a lab). He suggested looking into a good research-based master's program to be a better candidate for Ph.D. program in the future - which sounds extremely reasonable.

So I want to seek advice from the URCH community on what master's programs out there that are suitable for enhancing my research experience and equip with quantitative skills to conduct research as a doctoral student. It's hard for me as a newbie to figure out which school has a research-focused program, rather than just taking classes. And how to evaluate how well-known a professor is in his or her field?

I am exploring MS in Information Sciences (human-computer interaction, web search behavior, computer-mediated communications, social networks) but I am wondering how well it will translate into a Ph.D in Marketing. What do you guys think about Michigan, UNC Chapel Hill, and Indiana University for this option?

Sorry for the long post. And thank you in advance for your response.