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Thread: Requesting to evaluate profile for finance phd programs

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    Question Requesting to evaluate profile for finance phd programs

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    Dear all,

    I am writing to express my interests for profile-evaluation as I am planning very sincerely to apply for finance phd programs starting since fall 2019 so, please have a look and suggest with your most valuable suggestions.

    • Top engineering college (4 years: Electrical Engineering),
    • G.P.A :3.8
    • GRE: Q: 170, V: 158, A: 4.5
    • Gold-medalist in mathematics at State-level competition (Inter-institutes competition)
    • Math courses: Linear algebra(A), Calculus I (A), Calculus II(A), Calculus-III (A), ODE(A), probability and statistics(A), numerical methods(A), real analysis(B+), simulation(A), optimisation(A), Discrete time model(B+) etc.
    • Programming Skills: C/C++, MATLAB, JAVA

    Work-exp after under graduation
    : In India, worked 6 years as mathematics instructor at a top coaching institute (A training centre for I.I.T.J.E.E., most prestigious engineering entrance examination of Asia)

    Graduate Studies:
    • Top Ivy league (Economic Policy Program)
    • G.P.A.: 3.4
    • Statistics (A), Macro (B+), Micro(B+), Mathematics for Economists (A+), Econometrics(A-), Corporate Finance (B), Game theory (B) etc

    Finance Ph.D. courses completed at IVY business School :
    • Two first year finance phd courses such as Economic Analysis-1 and Economic Analysis-2 at top Ivy B school (cross-registration),
    • Secured Grades B(+) in both of these finance Phd Courses.

    Programming Skills:
    • R-programming, STATA, SAS, Python,
    • Financial modelling, DCF modelling, Trade comps modelling, Transaction comps modelling, Accretion (M & A ) modelling, and Leverage Buyout (LBO) modelling
    • Proficient in Bloomberg Basics

    Teaching experience: Taught courses such as Graph theory, calculus I-II-III, Coordinate geometry, Higher algebra, and 3D- geometry etc. for more than 6 years as mathematics instructor in math department

    Research experience

    • Worked 3 months as research associate at most prestigious business school of India for Institute director and senior most professor of Econ. (Professor is internationally recognised and headed various committees in Indian government and International organisations )
    • ​Already accepted as research associate position at most prestigious Ivy business school since January 2019. Unfortunately, because of my health issues, I requested them to defer the term till December 2018, and they accepted my request.

    Recommender 1:
    • Top ivy league business school senior most finance professor,
    • taught Economic analysis 1 and Economic analysis-2 (two first year finance phd courses ),
    • recognised internationally and headed various committees in US and other governments,
    • also worked as an advisor to president ( US and France )

    Recommender 2:
    • Top Ivy Econ department professor
    • ​Internationally recognised
    • Taught mathematics for economist
    • former IZA director in US

    Recommender 3: Not finalised till so far

    Here are my concerns:
    1. Because of my serious health issues, I was not able to complete my two final papers of second semester and left examination hall, leaving them incomplete so, got F grades in both of ) them. I was even unable to sit in exam hall for full 2 hours duration.
    Next day, I came back to India on medical leave, but after one month, I got a dismissal because my GPA dropped at 2.97 (<3). I informed my department regarding my health issues, but didn't submitted medical immediately, though submitted later on. (I was unaware of the procedure ).

    Will this unfortunate incident affect badly to my finance phd programs applications ? Because of my dismissal, Is it still possible to get into top finance programs (top 10) ?

    2. Does my first and very short research -experience (3 months as Research associate) at top B school of India enough to be qualified as "well exposed to research"?

    Given that I am applying for the finance phd programs starting since fall 2019 so, do I need more experience as RA ?

    3. What can I do to improve my profile for top 10 finance phd programs ? Please suggest.

    Truly appreciate your time and consideration.
    Please suggest with your most valuable advice and suggestions.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Requesting to evaluate profile for finance phd programs

    I am not a finance guy. But I think you are alright now? If you are still suffering from health issues, it may hurt the application processes.

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    Re: Requesting to evaluate profile for finance phd programs

    Dear Mingming,

    Thanks for your response and kindness. I am completely fit and fine now to pursue my Business Ph.D. goals. Also, I am in touch with my Ivy League business school professor to discuss the finance Ph.D. application strategy.

    Once again, thanks for your time and consideration.

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