Hi Everyone,
Here's my Profile:
Indian, 23, Male
GMAT: 760 (Q50,V44) 99%ile
Undegrad GPA:
4.1 out of 4.3 (1st in Class, Academic Medal, Deanís List in all Semesters. Full Tuition Fee Scholarship for undergraduate)
Undergrad Major: Mechanical Engineering (w/ Minor in Business Management)
Courses: Advance Mech. Engg courses (which I hope substitutes for Math requirements), Programming Courses (VBA, C++ etc. also proficient in Python) Broad fundamental courses in Accounting, Finance
Research Experience: Undergraduate Engineering Research
Work Experience:
Working in Transaction Banking Graduate Program (2 years by Fall 2019) in Hong Kong.
It will include 6 Months of work experience in London. Mostly sales, business analytics etc. related rotation.

Concentration Applying to: Finance
Number of programs planned to apply to:

What made you want to pursue a PhD?: Strong Research Interest, Interested in exploring various models to predict industry returns.

Questions or concerns
Ideally, I would want to pursue PhD in Finance and have an academic role. However, for want of enough Finance/Math research experience, I believe getting into Top 20 Finance PhD programs would be tough. So, in such a situation, should I target Top 20-50 Finance PhD Programs?

Or are there any Masters in Finance (M.Res. or M.Phil) programs which can help my cause in getting into a better Finance PhD program after?

Or should I instead go for a Quantitative Masters of Finance Program and keep my options of working in the industry and going back to academia (if I still want to).