New to the forum! feel so grateful to find a place like this to discuss and share our journey, thanks in advance for your attention!
I'm a 1st gen immigrant, got my master's in the US and am currently working in corporate america. I miss the intellectual challenge and freedom to learn, so have been considering a phd for over a year now. Finally retook my GMAT and below is my background. would love to connect with other OB applicants for US schools, so please reach out!

Test Scores
GMAT 740 (97%) Verbal 41(93%), Quant 49 (74%), Writing 5 (53%), IR 4 (38%)
Undegrad GPA: 3.29/4 (little known school in China)
Graduate GPA: 3.78/4 (ASU-Thunderbird, our grad business school got bought by ASU the year I graduated..)
Research Experience:
one published paper in 2013, second author, Journal of Media and Communication Studies
Teaching Experience:
Work Experience: 3
.5 of digital marketing in corporate in the U.S.

Concentration Applying to: Organizational Behavior
Number of programs planned to apply to:
Dream Schools:

Harvard Business School

Other Questions:

What made you want to pursue a PhD?
Born in China, lived in South Korea and the US. As a 1st gen immigrant working in corporate America, I feel very restricted and find it so hard to be a high skilled immigrant worker who wants to contribute. Very passionate about the topic of engagement of high skilled immigrant workers in the developing world, acculturation process; also the digital nomad trend among the current generation
crave for intellectual challenge and freedom to learn on a daily basis
need freedom to learn rather than a set schedule

Questions or concerns you have about your profile?
low undergrad GPA
low GMAT IR Section score, does that matter?
I have a low score in my statistics class in my undergrad in 2012, will the adcom look at individual class scores?

Any additional specific questions you may have:
I have strong interest in European schools, but want to work in the US after graduation, do schools like IESE and INSEAD get good recognition in the US job market?
Is there a community for OB specific applicants for 2019? especially intl students in the US?