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Thread: PhD Application: Finance Option

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    PhD Application: Finance Option

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    Hello everyone, are there any graduate schools around the world whose PhD Finance research areas include petroleum finance(or finance research on the energy sector) and Islamice banking/finance? The latter is a new area in Finance, and serves as viable source of finance in modern finance. I therefore have strong research interest in energy finance and Islamic finance. Will anyone help me in this regard? Thanks.

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    Re: PhD Application: Finance Option

    Those are two very specific fields that aren't closely related. You'll have to look at authors that do work in those areas, where they are, and where they did their degrees.

    I actually have a better idea of what Islamic finance is than energy finance. Do you mean how capital structure and risk affect investment decisions within the energy industry? Valuation of energy companies? Something else? Those are very different academic groups within finance.

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    Re: PhD Application: Finance Option

    As YaS mentioned, these are two very specific fields with little to no academic overlap.

    The only good North American program that I know of with faculty doing those two very specific fields is the Econ (not finance) PhD at Rice University. They have a number of people doing energy econ/finance work and they have one senior faculty member - Mahmoud El-Gamal - who has done work in Islamic Finance. Hulya Eraslan who is the DGS there comes around the econ board a few times a year to promote their online math camp.

    I am not familiar with international programs, but I doubt there are many programs with faculty doing both anywhere in the world, and the two regions where I would expect there to be interest in both fields - the Arabian Peninsula and Iran - have no high level econ or finance PhD programs.

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