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Thread: Profile Evaluation PhD in Strategy

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    Profile Evaluation PhD in Strategy

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    Input appreciated!

    Test Scores: 700 GMAT, 44Q, 41V, 6 AWA, 8 IR
    Undergrad GPA: 3.7 from Top 10 US Business School
    Research Experience:
    Work Experience: Consulting @ Oracle, 2 Years
    Concentration Applying to: Strategy & Management
    Number of Programs Planned to Apply to: 9-10 in Top 25
    Dream Schools: HBS, Stanford, Berkeley, UCLA, USC

    Have experience doing quantitative and analytic research. Have strong written and oral communication skills (this will help in producing top-notch personal essay). Have references from tenured professors from undergrad program.

    There doesn't seem to be as much public information about PhD admissions compared to MBA programs. Most of my target schools say successful applicants score in top 10 percentile on standardized tests but this seems to be more of a floor than a ceiling.

    Any thoughts on prospects of gaining admission at a top 7, top 15, top 25 program? How many schools to apply to? Which programs should I be targeting? Or should a higher GMAT be my top priority (this may delay applying for a year)?

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    Re: Profile Evaluation PhD in Strategy

    You certainly sound competitive for top 25 programs, but keep in mind the top 5 are always a crapshoot. They have far more highly qualified applicants than spots.

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