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Thread: Profile Evaluation: PhD in Marketing

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    Profile Evaluation: PhD in Marketing

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    GRE: Verbal 165 (95%), Quant 159 (74%) *this was a long time out of school and I have studied and will retake
    Undegrad GPA: 3.51
    Undergrad Degree: Design (merit scholarships)
    Graduate GPA: 3.82
    Graduate Degree: MS Marketing (merit scholarships)
    Research Experience: I have a thesis paper for my MS degree
    Teaching Experience: I was a TA 1 year for a Java Programming course
    Work Experience: Significant work experience (10 years) up to director level in marketing (specifically in design management)

    Concentration applying to: Marketing (Innovation, New Products)
    Number of programs planned to apply to: 15-20
    Dream schools: NYU, Columbia, Duke

    I became extraordinarily interested in creativity and innovation during my career and masters studies. I have researched and written a great deal on marketing tech and design thinking but nothing published. It has really spurred me and I could see myself spending a career in the field.

    My Questions:

    1. I am retaking GRE after months of studying so my scores should improve. Will great GRE score help me possibly get into a Top 10 or Top 30 school?

    2. If I can apply to 15-20 schools how many top schools if any should I put in my list?

    3. Also I am a little confused about ranking. Is everyone here referring to the UT-Dallas list or the US News MBA list or something else when classifying schools by rank?

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    Re: Profile Evaluation: PhD in Marketing

    1 -
    Great GRE scores will help with the initial evaluation of your application, a good first impression. But even a perfect GRE will not get you into a top 10 school, if that's all you have to show. Top 10 and top 30 schools are extremely competitive, it's hard even for very strong applicants. I don't think top 10 schools will have much trouble getting applicants with 170Q GRE for Quantitative Marketing.

    2 -
    First, we don't have much information about you (you still don't have the final GRE score, we don't know the strength of your recommendations, etc.). But, from what you wrote, your profile doesn't sound particularly strong to me. The only part that is really above average is work experience, but work experience carry very little weight for PhD applications. I really think you should apply widely, instead of focusing on top 10 or top 30.

    Second, research fit is more important than rank. Applying to a lower ranked school with excellent fit is better than applying to a top school with awful fit. And I don't know how many of the top schools are a good research fit for you, that's something you need to investigate by yourself. If 10 out of top 10 are a perfect fit (not going to happen, for the sake of the argument), then I see no problem in applying to all of them. If none of the top 10 are a perfect fit (not going to happen either), then it's probably a bad idea to apply to those schools.

    3 - Solving that confusion is part of the process. MBA rankings are worth little, if anything. UT-Dallas is probably the best that we have, but still far from perfect. In the end, the best way is to develop your own ranking system. No general ranking system can tell how good is the research fit that I mentioned, for example. UT-Dallas also do not take into consideration many important aspects to be taken into consideration, like the quality of placement.

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