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Thread: Profile Eval and School Selection Help!

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    Profile Eval and School Selection Help!

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    I will be applying next cycle, and although I've done a profile eval post before, I now have a better idea of all my marks and test scores when I'm going to be applying. Here's a little about myself, and the list of schools I'm thinking about:

    Undergrad GPA: 3.92 from the University of Toronto in Accounting and Economics (CGPA)
    Grad Program: When I apply to the PhD, I will be enrolled in UofT's Master's of Economics program.
    GMAT: 720 (taken only once)

    Relevant Coursework:

    Accounting/Finance - Auditing (A-), Introductory Financial (A)/Managerial Accounting(A), Intermediate Financial(B+)/Managerial Accounting(A+), Advanced Tax(TBD), Business Finance I (A) and II (A+), Financial Modelling (TBD)

    Economics - Introductory(A)/Intermediate(A-)/Advanced Macroeconomics(A), Introductory(A)/Intermediate(A) Microeconomics, Quantitative Methods in Economics(A+), Econometrics I (A+) and II (TBD)

    Mathematics Courses - Calculus I (A+), Calculus II (A+), Multivariable Calculus (A+), Linear Algebra (A+)

    Relevant Work Experience:
    - TA for Quantitative Methods and Business Finance II
    - Lead Research Assistant for an Accounting Professor for 1 year, and contracted for another year while in Master's.
    - Summer internship in an Accounting related position

    Other Relevant Skills:
    - Good experience with Stata and SQL
    - Some experience in SAS and Python

    References (without giving away who they are):
    - One Accounting Professor (research active, 2 publications in top 5 accounting journals)
    - One Finance Professor (research active, 3 publications in top finance journals)
    - One Accounting Professor (research active, 11 publications in top 5 accounting journals)

    My Research Interests:
    - I'm thinking, broadly speaking, of doing research in the financial analytical or financial archival area. I've tried to craft a list of schools that's realistic given my profile but also fits with my research interest.

    - Lack of work experience outside of research experience, which was paid but not full time
    - My GMAT score is good, but maybe not good enough for top-tier schools

    List of Schools:
    (Reach/Dream Schools)
    - Harvard University
    - MIT
    - Northwestern University
    - University of Pennsylvania
    - Stanford University

    (Good Fit Schools)
    - University of Toronto
    - Duke University
    - University of Michigan
    - University of Illinois
    - Ohio State University
    - University of Washington
    - Yale University
    - University of California - Berkeley

    (Safety Schools)
    - University of Arizona (or Indiana University)
    - Waterloo University

    Is this list of schools realistic given by stats? Is it a good fit for the areas of research I'm interested in?
    Any advice on how to make my profile better is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Profile Eval and School Selection Help!

    An econ masters with an actual accounting background will prepare you well. You should consider retaking the GMAT in the summer or when you have extra time. It isn't necessary, but it would make a difference at the "dream" schools.

    Your list of schools seems well thought out. I would suggest trying to apply this round and skipping the masters if I saw this a month ago. There are probably some applications you could get in if you wanted this year. I don't understand why Arizona is there. Indiana makes more sense. You could consider Purdue as a backup to work with Bagnoli and Watts.

    UCLA seems like it is missing from your list. It has several good theory people and a few archival people as well.

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