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Thread: Frankfurt vs. Alicante

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    Frankfurt vs. Alicante

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    Hi guys,

    I would like to know which university is a better option to do a MSc in Economics in order to use it as a bridge to apply to the top Ph.D's in Economics in USA.

    Both programs are two years long, and they look pretty similar to me. Which university is the most prestigious: Alicante or Frankfurt?

    Thanks for your opinions

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    Re: Frankfurt vs. Alicante

    Frankfurt, for several reasons:

    1. It is sometimes ranked among the top 100.
    2. Frankfurt already sent people to top 10 PhD programs in the US. See e.g. him
    Economists - Christian Matthes - Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond
    I am not aware of anybody from Alicante managing to get into a top PhD program.
    3. You will benefit from Frankfurt in terms of location because it's where the ECB is.

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    Re: Frankfurt vs. Alicante

    The MSQ in econ from frankfurt is tough though, fair warning.

    But rockystone2018 is not wrong that for Macro work, you'll probably be very well served by Frankfurt. Although the current main DSGE guy left for Paris. But plenty of other people are active in research and do place students pretty well eventually. Also, SAFE is rumoured to be getting more funding, so you may actually not struggle too much to find an RA job, unlike previous cohorts.
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