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Thread: MA Economics in Canada (profile evaluation)

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    MA Economics in Canada (profile evaluation)

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    Type of Undergrad: BA in Economics from a south asian university which is top ranked in my country
    CGPA: 3.7/4,
    GRE: Q162 (770), V 151 (460), AW 4
    TOEFL: iBT100
    • Mathematics for Economists I & II (A+ & A), Differential and Difference Equations (A+), Real Analysis (A+)
    • Statistical Methods I & II (A+ & A), 4 Econometrics course (A-, A+, A+, A+),
    • Microeconomics (Principles A, intermediate B+ & A-, advanced A+ & A+), Macroeconomics (Principles A+, intermediate A+& A+, advanced A & A)

    Letters of Recommendation:
    From advanced level Microeconomics, Real Analysis and Economerics courses. All three have recognized US PhD but are not famous economists. They are likely to write good letters for me.

    My future goal is to get a PhD from the Big Four. For now, I am looking for a funded MA program in Canada.

    1. Given my profile, please comment about my chances in a) McGill b) McMaster c) SFU d) York e) Alberta f) Calgary?
    2. Can you name, for me, some safe schools?
    3. Taking the GRE again and improving quant score will how much help for the mentioned school?


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    Getting into any Canadian MA or PhD program is very difficult mainly because they take very few international students in their program. And for that reason, even 2nd tier schools set quite high requirements.
    Your GRE quant score is low for the top 4. Among the schools you listed I think you have a fair chance at McGill, SFU, Alberta and York. Incremental benefit of retaking GRE will be quite significant for McGill, SFU, and McMaster (not sure about others).
    Since, there are not many options if you are applying in Canada, other schools you can also apply are Carleton, U Ottawa, U Victoria and Waterloo. If you can do exceptionally well in these schools, you can have a good shot later on for the top 4.
    All the Best !

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    Re: MA Economics in Canada (profile evaluation)


    What Canadian Economics Departments have strengths in Behavioural Economics? Also, what Universities would you suggest have the strongest overall economics depts in Canada (aside from the big four namely UofT, UBC, Queens, Western).

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