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Thread: Profiles and Results 2013

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    Type of Undergrad: Bachelor Econ, Australia
    Undergrad GPA: First Class Hons
    Type of Grad (1): MPhil Econ, same Australian uni
    Grad GPA (1): High Distinction
    Type of Grad (2): MSc Econ, top UK department
    Grad GPA (2): ?? not yet

    GRE: 168Q, 159V, 5.0 AWA
    Math Courses (undergrad): Not many, just the standard math for econ and finance courses at home uni
    Econ Courses (undergrad): macro, micro, metrics 4 year sequences; spattering of topics courses
    Econ Courses (grad - 1): PhD micro macro metrics in Aus
    Econ Courses (grad - 2): Msc Macro/AdvMacro; Micro/AdvMicro; Metrics/AdvMicroeconometrics; Behavioural Econ
    Other Courses: not relevant
    Letters of Recommendation: Hons/MPhil advisor, Hons/PhD macro lecturer, both European/UK PhDs
    Research Experience: 5 years RA while studying, 3 thesis, 4 conference presentations
    Teaching Experience: 4.5 years TA for econ dept in Aus ranging from first year thru postgrad
    Research Interests: Behavioural/Experimental Econ, Applied game theory, applications of structural metrics
    SOP: bland and generic

    Acceptances: UZurich ($$$), UC3M($), Tinbergen ($), Tilburg ($), Oxford MPhil(?), LSE EME (-), ECARES(?), UCL MRes (?)
    Waitlists: -
    Rejections: LSE MRes
    Pending: -
    Withdrew: SSE, Stockholm, Bocconi, Mannheim, Toronto, UBC, EUI
    Attending: UZurich

    What would you have done differently? happy for now!
    University of Zurich, 2013/14-

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    Type of Undergrad: BSc Econ (#1 econ department of a small European country), BSc Math (#1 math department, different school, same country)
    Undergrad GPA: 4.78/5, Econ: 4.75/5.00 | Math: 4.95/5
    Type of Grad: MSc Econ (the same econ deparment)
    Grad GPA: 4.84/5, Econ: 4.86/5
    GRE: 170Q, 162V, 4.0AWA
    Math Courses: Analysis I (5), Analysis II (5), Multivariate Analysis (5), Topology (5), Measure&Integral (~Real Analysis) (4), ODE I (5), ODE II (5), Algebra I (5), Discrete Mathematics (5), Combinatorics (5), Linear Algebra I (5), Linear Algebra II (5), Introduction to Statistical Inference (5), Introduction to Probability (5), Probability (5), Stochastic Processes (5), Introduction to Complex Numbers
    Econ Courses (grad-level): Microeconomic Theory I (5), Microeconomic Theory II/Game Theory (5), Microeconomic Theory III/Industrial Organization (4), Macroeconomic Theory I (5), Macroeconomic Theory II (5), International Economics (5), Fixed Income Securities (4), Labor Economics (5), Topics in Economic Theory (option pricing, stochastic calculus etc.) (5)
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Principles of Economics (5), Intermediate Micro (5), Intermediate Macro (5), Money and Banking (5), Mathematical Methods for Economists (5), Undergrad Econometrics (5), Development Economics (3), European Capital Markets (5), Economic Policy (5)
    Other Courses: Finance (BSc minor) and Quantitative Methods (MSc minor)
    Letters of Recommendation: Both of the professors whose RA I've been (one is econ, one is applied math/econ) + third econ professor who is the most known of these three
    Research Experience: Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis (done after 3½ years, highest grade), summer RA in a government research institute, RA in another research institute for 6m, RA for two professors, no publications yet
    Teaching Experience: NA
    Research Interests: Microeconomic theory (game theory),
    SOP: Nothing special, a summary of my research experience and interests.
    Concerns: I don't know, I'm a bit concerned about everything, haven't had the time to be a TA.
    Other: I have completed courses at a double pace as I have been completing two degrees (two schools) at the same time. I have worked part-time in reinsurance.
    Applying to: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Princeton, UPenn, Northwestern

    Acceptances: MIT (wl for $), Princeton ($), Northwestern ($), UPenn ($)
    Rejections: Stanford, Harvard
    Attending: Totally undecided
    Comments: Having applied to six schools, it was ok to get four acceptances. I can’t say I like to be rejected – would have loved California because of the climate. Anyway, even Boston has better weather than my current city.

    What would you have done differently? Maybe switch Harvard for something in California.

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    Type of Undergrad:
    Top 3 Liberal Arts
    Undergrad GPA: 3.73
    Type of Grad: supplemental math courses
    Grad GPA: 4.0
    GRE: 800Q/630V/4AWA
    Math Courses: Diff Eq (A-), Linear Algebra (A), Multivariate Calc (A-), Real Analysis (B), Analysis on Manifolds (B+), Discrete (A), Numerical Analysis I/II (A/A), MathStat I/II (A/A), Topology (A)
    Econ Courses (grad-level):
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Intro (Cr), Intermediate Macro (B+), Intermediate Micro (A-), Developmental (A), International (A), Advanced Micro I/II (A/A-), Advanced Macro I/II (A-/A-), Behavioral Econ I/II (B+/A), Econometrics I (A-)
    Other Courses: Some psych courses, random humanities courses and intro physics
    Letters of Recommendation: one from my undergrad advanced micro prof, two from research economists at a regional Fed (one junior economist, one sernior), both should be strong letters highlighting my research ability.
    Research Experience: 2.5 years as an RA at a regional Fed. Two minor publications, with a third in progress. Research mostly in macro-labor, consumer finance and macro.
    Teaching Experience: Some tutoring in college. Nothing really worth mentioning.
    Research Interests: macro-labor, macro, search and matching
    SOP: Discussed my research experience with the Fed, how my experience as an RA shaped my research interests. Highlighted the research skills I acquired over the course of the job
    Concerns: B/B+ in my real analysis courses. Hoping my A in topology will help make up for these low-ish grades.
    Other: Second year applying to PhD programs. Aimed very high last year and missed (was wait listed at UMN). Hoping that another year of research experience, an A in topology, applying to the NSF and an improved letter of recommendation will get me into the top 20.
    Applying to: Yale, Northwestern, UPenn, Minnesota, Wisconsin-Madison, Penn State, Rochester, Ohio State, Georgetown, Arizona State, Western Ontario, Carnegie Mellon, Pitt, Boston University

    Acceptances: UW-Madison($), Ohio State ($), ASU($), Pitt($)
    WL: UPenn (withdrawn), Minnesota (withdrawn), Penn State (withdrawn)
    Rejections: Yale, NWU, Rochester, Georgetown, CMU, BU
    Pending: Western Ontario
    Attending: UW-Madison Econ/Finance joint PhD
    Comments: Very happy to be attending UW-Madison. Great fit for me and a very strong program. I owe a lot to my letter writers who really went to bat for me.

    What would you have done differently? I had no idea that I wanted to pursue an econ PhD during my undergrad and as a result, my RA grades were not as good as they could have been. I partially offset this with an A in topology at a lower ranked institution, but the damage was done. I think that if I had A's in RA1 and RA2 I could have cracked the top 10. I also would have studied for the AW of the GRE. I naively assumed that, being a native English speaker and a pretty good writer, I would ace this section. Turns out they are looking for something very specific in your essays, which I apparently did not have.
    In (Funding):OSU ($), Pitt ($), ASU($), UWM E/F ($) Out:Yale, Rochester, NWU, BU, Gtown, CMU WL: UPenn, UMN, PSU
    Pending:UWO, NSF

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    Type of Undergrad:
    Large state university with a low-ranked econ PhD program
    Undergrad GPA: 3.97 (Econ GPA: 4.0)
    Type of Grad: -
    Grad GPA: -
    GRE: V169, Q165, AW6.0
    Math Courses: Calculus I - III, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Intro to Probability and Statistics
    Econ Courses: Intro to Micro, Intro to Macro, Intermediate Micro, Intermediate Macro, Money and Banking, Developmental Econ, Behavioral Econ, Labor Econ, History of Econ Thought, Econometrics
    Other Courses: Honors-level liberal arts core courses
    Letters of Recommendation: 1 from undergrad thesis adviser (UC Berkley grad), 2 from other professors
    Research Experience: Undergraduate thesis - a behavioral economics laboratory experiment I designed and ran myself (with assistance, obviously)
    Teaching Experience: Led mandatory small-group tutoring sessions for a principles of macro class for a year
    Research Interests: Behavioral, experimental, applied micro
    SOP: Talked about all of the above. Basically said 'I want to learn about economics and be a researcher! Yes!' Banged it out in about 2 weeks.

    U Pittsburgh ($), U Zurich, Cornell ($)
    Rejections: Carnegie Mellon
    Pending: -
    Attending: Cornell, unless I find out on the visit day that they have some dark and terrible secret.
    Comments: I genuinely believe that the reason I didn't get offered funding at Zurich was that I wasn't expressing much interest in the program - I felt like I botched the funding interview, and then decided that five years out of the country was just too long for me, so I wasn't emailing with questions or trying to make arrangements. I'm sure that signaled to the school that I wasn't coming, even before I actually turned down the offer.
    On the other hand, several professors I spoke to mentioned that they were impressed that I discussed not just my research, but securing IRB approval and grant money for my experiment. I think that mentioning you understand the administrative and practical side of research is a positive signal to admissions committees.

    What would you have done differently? Oh goodness. So many things:
    1) I would take more math as an undergraduate, if only to combat my strong sense of imposter syndrome.
    2) I wouldn't procrastinate on my applications. Part of the reason I only applied to four schools was that I was going through a period of depression in the fall, and felt very hopeless about the whole process. I got my act together around the beginning of December.
    3) I wouldn't underestimate the strength of my profile. I also only applied a few places because I thought my application was really weak - lacking mathematics, etc. After one professor asked me 'With this profile, why didn't you apply to more and better schools?' I realize I could have aimed higher. I might not have got in to any T10s, but it couldn't have hurt.
    4) I would try to get more research assistance as an RA, rather than taking a year off between undergrad and grad school to move home and save money.

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    Type of Undergrad:
    To 5 Econ, top 10 UG
    Undergrad GPA: 3.5 (Econ GPA: 3.55)
    Type of Grad: Post-bac classes at a top 10 univ.
    Grad GPA: 3.78
    GRE: V169, Q167, AW4.5
    Math Courses: Calculus III, Linear Algebra, Statistical Models/Methods, Intro to Real Analysis (A) Real Analysis I,II,III (C,W,A), Probability and Statistics
    Econ Courses: A bunch. One grad course (Human Capital), Econometrics, Advanced Econometrics, standard Micro Macro series and a bunch of electives.
    Letters of Recommendation: 1 from undergrad thesis adviser & employer, 1 from chief economist at my current research organization, 1 from famous professor I had a class & a few out of class discussions with.
    Research Experience: Undergraduate thesis - an extension on the theory of road pricing for congestion (published in an interdisciplinary environmental journal). Two chapters of a book on Chinese economic growth (Growth source analysis + extra analysis of TFP growth). 3 years as a research assistant post-bac for a federal study.
    Teaching Experience: TA for a class on Urban Econ
    Research Interests: Mostly Development & Labor
    SOP: Research goals, then research experience, then why school X is such a great fit (talked about specific professors)

    Cornell ($, WL for yr 1), UW-Madison Masters with transfer option (-$$$ first year, $ years 2-4), UNC-CH($?)
    Waitlists: Cornell, University of Minnesota
    Rejections: Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Chicago, Berkeley, Yale, Upenn, Duke, Columbia, LSE, UW-Madison PhD, NSF
    Pending: -
    Attending: Cornell
    Comments: I am incredibly happy with how everything worked out. The main things I think I did right are developing relationships with professors early in undergrad, getting as much research experience as I could, and asking a lot of people for advice and help. I'll also say--a lot of people I knew worked really hard to get on the research projects with famous professors. That brings a lot of advantages, because you get to see cutting edge research and you get a letter from a very impressive person. I worked for an emeritus professor who wasn't heavily sought after, and I'm really glad I did. He had the time to actually talk to me about what I was trying to do, read my SOP and give feedback, and personally contact professors at Cornell. Also, because he didn't have a ton of research assistants, I was able to do higher level work than I would have otherwise. I'm incredibly grateful.

    What would you have done differently? Lots, though everything worked out:
    1) I would have believed people who said that math was really important, and started treating it that way much sooner. Would have taken Honors calc, honors metrics, etc.
    2) I wouldn't have withdrawn from Real Analysis my last quarter.
    3) I would have applied more in the top 10-30 range and not wasted so much money on the top 10
    4) I would have taken more psychology, anthropology and sociology classes. I did some of this already, but I think the big money is in taking a lot of the work that's been done in the other social sciences and incorporating it into economic analysis.

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    Type of Undergrad: BA in Econ; Unknown Asian private university
    Undergrad GPA: 3.86/4.0

    Type of Grad(1): MA in International Studies; Unknown Asian private university
    Grad GPA: 3.8/4.0

    Type of Grad(2): MA in Econ; US private university with PhD program (top 50ish ranked)
    Grad GPA: 3.9/4.0

    GRE: Q760(ouch!), V710, A3.5

    Math Courses: Calc lll (A), Linear Algebra (A), Intro Real Analysis(A), ODE (A), PDE (IP); all taken in the US
    Econ Courses (grad-level): Monetary Econ, Macro, Math Econ, …
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): a whole bunch of them. (most of ‘em A’s)
    Other Courses: Some philosophy and history classes, but not significant
    Letters of Recommendation: one from math prof. and two from econ prof’s.
    I believe all of them are good enough and honestly they won’t play a crucial role…

    Research Experience: two semesters as a RA, two months as a junior researcher at a national econ policy institute
    Teaching Experience: None
    Research Interests: Macroeconomics - Inequality and Development
    SOP: Nothing special I think
    Concerns: Low GRE Quant, Not so strong math backgrounds.

    ASU(5yr TA/RAship), Indiana(waitlisted for 5yr assistantship – Declined), GWU (22K TAship) Rutgers (No financial aid – dafuq?)
    Waitlists: Purdue (shortlisted – declined)
    Rejections: JHU, UMD, ND, Pitt
    Pending: CUNY

    Attending: ASU!

    Comments: I am very excited about the result! Given my weak mathematical backgrounds and low GRE quant, I have to say that I was incredibly lucky during this noisy and random process.

    What would you have done differently?
    1) Definitely I would have taken more math (grad level analysis and probability) courses.
    2) A MS in Applied Math might have been more attractive and helpful (!) I was placed so many constraints on taking enough math courses while fulfilling the econ requirement. (Honestly, I was afraid to start a math MS program without being exposed to any formal training in college level math.)
    3) I should have NOT been so afraid about studying math! Turned out math is really interesting (not that I fully understand things in math) and is only a language through which research is conducted.

    Don’t be afraid and start doing it!
    And thanks so much for the TMers for sharing priceless information!
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    Brand new journey at Arizona State University!

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    Type of Undergrad: Economics Major (honors), Math Minor at a Large State University with a PhD program ranked 80+
    Undergrad GPA: 3.96
    Type of Grad: just a few courses
    Grad GPA: 4.0
    GRE: 163Q 154V 4.0 AW
    Math Courses: Calc 1 (A), Calc 2 (A), Calc 3 (A), Linear Algebra (A), Differential Eqns (A), Statistical Methods (A), Multiple Regression Analysis (current), Intro to Analysis (current)
    Econ Courses (grad-level): Quantitative Methods (A), Natural Resource Economics (A)
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Micro (A-), Macro (A), Econometrics (A), Natural Resource Economics (A), Environmental Economics (A), History of Economic Thought (A)
    Other Courses: NA
    Letters of Recommendation: 2 from Professors that I RA'd for and had undergrad Econ courses with. 1 Professor from grad-level econ course. All were unknown AREC professors but were probably very strong
    Research Experience: Worked as a research assistant in the AREC department at my school, Senior honors thesis
    Teaching Experience: NA
    Research Interests: Energy Econ, Environmental, Economics of Invasive Species, water economics, non-market valuation
    SOP: Emphasized research experience and interests

    Acceptances: Arizona ($$), Wyoming ($$), UC Davis ARE M.S (.5$), Duke MA
    Rejections: Colorado, Maryland AREC, UC Davis ARE PhD, UBC MA
    Pending: Colorado State MS (withdrew)
    Attending: Arizona
    Excited to be heading to Tucson in the fall!

    What would you have done differently?
    There is definitely a lot I would do differently if I had to do it again. I was very rushed in this entire process because I was originally scared away from applying to PhD programs by a foreign econometrics professor that didn't really know me very well. After being discouraged by this certain professor I was planning to do an MS at my current (low ranked) school After taking two grad econ courses last semester and performing well, I was encouraged to apply this year. I am happy I was able to apply to as many places a I did, but was constrained to schools with deadlines in January or later. I also had barely any time to study for the GRE (couldn't study at all for the verbal). Bottom line, it is important to get the opinion of multiple professors before deciding where and when you should apply. This certain professor I talked to was really out of the loop and seriously thought that every single person that enters a PhD program already has a masters degree.

    My results were quite varied, but I think I aimed at the correct range of schools. The largest weaknesses in my application were my GRE scores, the rank of my undergrad institution, and the fact that my LORS were from unknown profs (lack of math too, but this was not as much of a concern for my targeted range). The GRE problem could have easily been mitigated by a few more weeks of studying. Although this board insists that verbal scores don't matter too much, I am fairly certain that CU Boulder rejected me because of my low verbal score. I also think a 165 on the quantitative section may have put me in the game at Maryland AREC.

    In the end, I'm happy with how my results turned out. I originally imagined myself in an AREC department but I think Arizona is rising in environmental and I believe they will help me get to where I want to be as an economist.

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    Type of Undergrad: Economics Major, Math Minor, Top 50 research uni (not top 50 econ)
    Undergrad GPA: 3.5
    Type of Grad: none
    Grad GPA:
    GRE: 166Q 167V 3.5 AW
    Math Courses: Calc 1 (A), Calc 2 (A), Calc 3 (C), Linear Algebra (A), Differential Eqns (pending), Intro. to Probability (B), Statistical Inference (pending), Real Analysis (A-)
    Econ Courses (grad-level):
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Intro Micro (A), Intro Macro (A), intermed micro (A), intermed macro (A), Econometrics (B), Economics Statistics (A-), Environmental Economics (pending), Labor Economics (pending), Game Theory (A), Mathematical Econ (A), Applied Econometrics (A), Health Economics (A-)
    Other Courses: who cares... medical ethics? (A)
    Letters of Recommendation: Three great people whom I owe a lot to.
    Research Experience: worked as an RA in and NSF sponsored program for over a year, with multiple professors.
    Teaching Experience: Unofficially TA'd, didn't really mention it. Tutored some calc 1-2
    Research Interests: Labor, Health, Human Capital, Public
    SOP: stated my purposes and such

    Acceptances: UC Davis, CU Boulder, U Pitt, UBC Masters
    Waitlists: UT Austin, U Washington
    Rejections: Maryland, Michigan, Duke, Boston U, Boston C, Penn State
    Attending: UC Davis
    Comments: I'm very happy with this outcome. It works out well for my significant other as well. I gathered an obscene amount of information and I am quite sure this is the correct decision.

    What would you have done differently?

    Well, Idk. My failures in my first two years of undergrad were great life experiences. Nothing sets you right more than failure, and the fact that I remained "on schedule" for a phd in economics and was accepted into great schools implies I didn't exactly crash and burn. No, it just took me a while to find what I really wanted out of school. I plan to make the most of my curiosity and ability, and I hope anyone reading this has those intentions as well. Curiosity and passion is what a ph.d. is all about, in my opinion, and if you are going for other reasons, step back and ask yourself is it worth it? For me, this is worth any opportunity cost. Cheers!
    - Advice from a second year graduate student.

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    Type of Undergrad:
    Dual degrees in Finance and Poly Sci. (with a whole slew of engineering courses – I changed majors after 3 years). Top 40 undergrad.
    Undergrad GPA:
    Type of Grad:
    MA in Financial Economics at a non-ranked local state school
    Grad GPA: 3.93
    GRE: 165Q / 160V / 4.0 AWA
    Math Courses: Calc III (A), Diff. Eq (A), Linear Algebra (A), Probability and Statistics (A), Data Mining-Grad (A), Statistical Computing-Grad (A), Math Statistics-Grad (A), Real Analysis (B)
    [Note: In 2003-2004 as an engineering student, I took calc I, II and III (A,C,B respectively) and Diff Eq (C), Matrices (A) and Grad-Level Advanced Engineering Math (B), but re-took the courses from Calc III and up during my Grad program – and boy had I forgotten a lot!]
    Econ Courses (grad-level): Quantitative Methods (A), Micro Theory (A), Macro Theory (A), Financial Markets and Institutions (A), Public Finance (A), Econometrics (A), Time-Series (A), International Trade (A)
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Micro Principles (B), Macro Principles (C), International Finance (D)
    [note: obviously I wasn’t trying to be an economist at this point- back in 2007. Also, the D is only because I thought the final was 3 hours later than it actually was…I had an A going into it.]
    Other Courses: Grad Advanced Financial Analysis (A) Grad Securities Analysis (A), Grad Financial Management (A), OK grades in engineering courses (~3.4 average).
    Letters of Recommendation: Stellar recommendation letters, 3 from econ, but with a couple math professors if needed. Two of the Econ professors still publish often and graduated from top 40 econ schools. However, the school I’m at isn’t fantastic, so definitely a disadvantage in that sense. When I sat down with a DGS from one of the T50 schools that admitted me, I was told that I picked great people to write my LORs. Granted, n=1, but it was still good to hear.
    Research Experience: Senior thesis using econometric techniques to study campaign finance. 1st year research paper on crime stats in Grad. Will be doing Grad-thesis in spring
    Teaching Experience: Grad assistantship including tutoring for micro, macro, and stats. Also tutored finance courses through a different dept. Teaching Macro Principles in the Fall. Teaching Micro in the Spring
    Research Interests: Macro/Metrics/Financial
    SOP: Standard
    Concerns: Terrible undergrad grades!!!!!!! Need to find a school to look past that. Also, I should have done more research during my first year in grad school.

    RESULTS: ($ = 10k, rounded down)
    UC-Irvine ($$), NCState (WL for funding), Kansas ($), Mizzou (WL for funding), Clemson ($$), WVU($)
    Waitlists: UNC (but it was the "you'll never get off the waitlist" waitlist)
    Rejections: UVa, Iowa, Vandy, WUSTL, Indiana, Notre Dame
    Pending: OSU (implicit rej.), Washington (implicit rej.), UGA
    Attending: UC-Irvine
    Comments: Super happy with UCI. I visited a lot of the schools I got into, and UCI was hands down the best "fit" for my interests, career goals and personality. NC State was also a pretty good fit, but it was easy to see the UCI was continuing to invest in their program. I was told that during the NCState visit, but they seemed to rely a lot on the "you can take classes for macro at Duke" effect. Also, because I had a masters degree, I would have only been eligible for 4 years of funding at NCState. Also, my "best" LOR writer graduated from UCI, and it happened to be the only T50 school I got into with funding....make of that what you will.

    What would you have done differently?
    I'm going to comment on the parts of my application I still had control over when I realized I wanted to do a PhD (after my first semester in my 2 year master's program).
    - Firstly, I would have taken Discrete Math (my school's Intro to Proofs) in the Spring (instead of Data Mining). This would have helped me immensely when I went on to take Real Analysis (where I got a B, and I struggled for that).
    - Secondly, I would have started research a lot earlier on my thesis, so I had more to talk about in my SOP. I had just developed the topic, and was still in data collection phase when I wrote the SOP.
    - Thirdly, I would have spent A LOT MORE TIME on my SOP. I don't really know if it made the difference, but with my checkered profile, any little bad signal could be enough to trash my app. I was just so exhausted by the SOP writing phase that my writing quality and substance was probably lacking.
    - Fourthly, I would have tried again with the GRE. I spent all my time prepping for the Quantitative that I basically took the verbal and analytical writing cold. I think I could have upped my Quant score a bit more, and significantly improved my verbal and AWA scores.
    - Fifthly, I would have done more research on schools/faculty/strengths. Halfway into February, I realized there were some schools I should have applied to but didn't, and also that I shouldn't have applied to some of the one's I did.
    - Finally, I probably would have opted NOT to teach my own courses this year. They took A LOT of time and energy out me during the process and during Real Analysis studying. I don't know this for sure, but I bet my teaching experience wasn't a deciding factor in applications.
    Again, super happy with UCI, but I probably could have done better knowing what I know now. But then again, who couldn't? (well...except for those Harvard and MIT admits...I guess you technically couldn't do better!)
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    Type of Undergrad:
    Econ/math at top-100 public university with no econ PhD. No +/- grading
    Undergrad GPA:
    3.6 (from current school, higher if grades from all schools are averaged)
    Type of Grad:
    Courses in Economic Policy Analysis MA
    Grad GPA: 4.0
    Math Courses:
    Calc I,II,II (A, B, B), Stat for engineers (B), Linear Algebra (A), DiffEq (A), Real analysis I (A), Game theory (B), Probability theory (B)
    Econ Courses:
    Intro Micro/Macro (A, CLEP), Intermediate micro/macro (A,A), Undergrad Econometrics (B), Cost-benefit analysis (A), Economics of Innovation and technology (A), Grad micro/macro (A,A), Grad econometrics I (A)
    Other Courses:
    Intro comp sci, Honors' program, Certificate in instructional technology from another school
    Letters of Recommendation:
    Thesis adviser/grad micro professor (Maryland PhD), Director of grad program (Chicago PhD), Intermediate micro professor/ academic adviser (Hopkins PhD)
    Research Experience:
    Senior thesis (then still in process), Internship at the BLS
    Teaching Experience:
    Research Interests:
    Applied micro
    I think it was good

    George Washington (no $)
    U Washington (no $)
    HBS, Minnesota, UCLA, UCSD, Carnegie Mellon, U Pittsburgh, Hopkins, Maryland, Boston College (implicit), Columbia, NYU
    Finishing the MA program at my current school, then trying again

    What would you have done differently?
    I would have taken some economics courses at a school with a higher-ranked econ PhD program and applied to more schools ranked 20-50
    Attending Rice University

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