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Thread: Profiles and Results 2013

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    Type of Undergrad:
    BA Economics. Flagship state school. Roughly top 50 econ./top 100 overall.
    Undergrad GPA: ~3.1 overall, ~3.1 Econ.
    Type of Grad: U.S. M.A. Economics
    Grad GPA: ~3.9
    GRE: 800Q/790V/5.0 AWA
    Math Courses (undergrad-level): Calculus I (HS), Calculus II (A), Calculus III (A), Linear Algebra (A), ODE (A), Proofs (A), Introduction to Real Analysis I (A), Introduction to Real Analysis II (A-)
    Math Courses (grad-level): Real Analysis I (A), Real Analysis II (spring), Numerical Analysis I (A), Linear Algebra (A), Probability (A), PDE (B+. Just a brutal course for someone with, at the time, no analysis)
    Econ Courses (grad-level): Micro (A), Macro (A), Metrics I (A-), Metrics II (A-), Forecasting (A), Math Econ (B+), Literature Elective (A), Literature Elective (A), Thesis (A-)
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Not an impressive record here. We'll leave it at that.
    Other Courses:
    Letters of Recommendation: I certainly think that they should be very positive. I know all three quite well, worked for them in various capacities, and have been assured that the letters are very positive.
    Research Experience: About 15 months of RA experience. I have an MA thesis.
    Teaching Experience: I taught an undergraduate math econ course this summer. I TAd for about a year and a half.
    Research Interests: All over the place.
    SOP: Pretty standard.
    Concerns: I applied last cycle and wasn't happy with my results. I have fewer reaches this year and a lot more schools in the 30 to 50 range. My undergraduate grades are bad. I did well in my Master's program but not perfectly. I have an extra two semesters of pretty good grades to submit this time, though. We'll see.
    Other: I took all of my math while I was doing my M.A. econ. If I do receive an admit that I like, this will have been my saving grace.
    Applying to: Berkeley ARE, Wisconsin, Cornell, Duke, Maryland, Virginia, Boston College, Vanderbilt, Davis, North Carolina, Arizona, Arizona State, Santa Barbara, Irvine, Colorado, USC, Santa Cruz, Riverside.

    Acceptances: Arizona ($), ASU ($), USC ($), Riverside ($), Davis (w/l $), UNC (w/l $, withdrew), Colorado (w/l $, withdrew), Santa Cruz (no funding)
    Waitlists: BC ($ if admitted, withdrew), Vanderbilt ($ if admitted, withdrew)
    Rejections: Wisconsin, Maryland, Cornell, Berkeley ARE, Duke, Virginia, UCSB
    Pending: Irvine
    Attending: Arizona
    Comments: Happy with results

    What would you have done differently?

    Oh man. My undergrad. GPA is really, really bad both in econ and in general. This cost me both in the obvious reason and by negatively impacting my MA GPA a little bit on the front end due to under-preparation. I think in a different world where I cared about school when I was an undergraduate student, I probably can crack the top ten.

    My MA performance wasn't perfect, either. I should not have taken an advanced PDE course without real analysis first. I should not have taken the two aforementioned courses in the same semester as my MA paper. I should have taken linear algebra before starting the MA.

    The bottom line is that I think that I did about as well as can be reasonably expected for someone with bad undergraduate grades who also didn't really have academic designs even upon starting my MA. There is lots to talk about here but I believe ultimately that I am fantastically prepared from a math perspective and that the institution at which I did my MA was really great. I feel that I am in a good position to excel in graduate school.

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    Type of Undergrad: top 40 Research University - ​Applied Math, Minors in Econ & Poli Sci
    Undergrad GPA: 3.5
    Type of Grad: N/A
    Grad GPA: N/A
    GRE: 163/163/6.0
    Math Courses: Calc I, Calc II, Calc III, Diff EQ, Numerical Analysis, Discrete Math, Abstract Algebra, Linear Algebra, Complex Analysis, Number Theory, Knot Theory, Real Analysis I, Real Analysis II, Crypto, Probability Theory, Math Modelling, Parallel Computing, Couple of research seminars.
    Econ Courses (grad-level): N/A
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Prin of Macro, Prin of Micro, Healthcare Econ, Monetary Econ, International Trade/Finance, Public Finance
    Other Courses: Physics through QM & relativity, lots of PoliSci, lots of computer science
    Letters of Recommendation: 1 Economist (highly regarded, good relationship with him), 2 Applied Mathematicians (with whom I did research), all from top Universities
    Research Experience: Paper on International Trade & Exchange Rates with heavy use of mathematical models & differential equations
    Teaching Experience: No classroom experience, but tutored some freshman engineering/math courses, and ran town halls for Healthcare reform, which is kind of similar
    Research Interests: Monetary Economics, Public Finance
    SOP: Explaining why I want to do Econ with such a varied background, trying to tie in lots of experiences and such to explain why I would both succeed in and be committed to, the program.
    Concerns: Not enough econ, especially Intermediate theory courses (I picked up a lot taking advanced courses, but this is a hole in my app), though my Econ recommend-er told me not to worry based on coursework for him. Not the best grades in Probability & Abstract Algebra, overall a pretty low GPA for most of these programs.
    Other: Not totally related, but Political Candidate (for State Rep, won my primary!, notsomuch in the general), also 2 years as a financial software engineer for a top/recognizable firm. And lots of Finance/Asset Pricing courses from local profs & traders offered by my company.

    Acceptances: USC($)
    Waitlists:Ohio St
    Rejections: Boston University, Boston College, Notre Dame, Illinois, Indiana
    Attending: USC
    Comments: in Highlander there could only be one...in econ PhD applying all it takes is one. So I'm happy.

    What would you have done differently?
    There are a lot of obvious ways that, had I known from day 1 of college I wanted to do a PhD in econ, I could have improved my profile greatly and probably would have gotten into higher ranked schools. There are plenty of places on this forum and elsewhere to have those items laid out so I won't belabor the point. Personally I wouldn't have done anything differently, I am happy with my results and am sure that my experiences (however unrelated to what adcoms want to see) will serve me well going forward.

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    in:USC($) wl: OSU out: pitt,nd,uiuc,bu,iu,bc

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    Type of Undergrad: top 100 US university
    Undergrad GPA:
    Type of Grad:
    Grad GPA:
    Q800 V620 AW4.0
    Math Courses:
    Calculus 1-3, Linear Algebra, Stats and Prob, Stats 2, Real Analysis 1&2, Differential Equation, Topology, Game theory (Straight A's) Actuarial Math(A-)
    Econ Courses:
    Intro and Intermediate Macro&Micro, Econometrics, Latin American econ, Health econ, Money and Banking
    Other Courses:bunch b-school/finance classes
    Letters of Recommendation:
    Two from econ professors I RAed before, not famous, but they gave excellent words to me. I asked two math professors to write the rest one, I had reading class of Topology with one of them. I have been a grader for them for more than 2 years.
    Research Experience:
    RAed with four professors in the dep. Have one coauthored paper with one, currently resubmitted and under review.
    Teaching Experience:
    Tutor for intro&intermediate Macro and Micro, and several math class
    Research Interests:
    in my SOP the two major fields are trade/development, and experimental/ IO. but Actually my interest is very broad, or not really specific now
    not special, talked about research, interested fields and future plan

    OSU($),Notre Dame($), UT Knoxville($), Indiana($), UMD($), UI chicago($), Georgia State($), Carnegie Mellon($), Oregon(declined before funding) NCSU( waitlist for funding) George Washington
    UW Madison, Cornell, Duke, Rochester, UV, BC, Pittsburgh, Purdue, George Mason
    I am very happy with this result. Before I always complained that my department is small and has neither big names nor graduate program. But this result shows that if one from a humble school just did what she or he needs to do, including good GPA/GRE/TOEFL, RA/Research experience, get recommenders to write nice letters, and apply to a broader range of schools, she or he will get good result. One professor in GSU said to visiting students that being a good economist doesn't need to be genius, but requires hard working. I think this is applicable to graduate school application. BTW small department has its strength too. All my professors helped me in the process and their advice gives me point of views from both employer and employee sides of the econ job market and the econ profession as whole. Also, since I was the ONLY RA and I worked for 4 ppl in the department, I was lucky to touch various researches in different fields. I am genuinely grateful for my experience in such a department. Last thing, TM is awesome. Meeting nicknames in real life visit is very exciting. I wouldn't have such good results without this forum :-D

    What would you have done differently?
    Nothing really
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    Type of Undergrad: BA Top 10 Liberal Arts School - Double Major in Math and Econ
    Undergrad GPA: 3.95
    Type of Grad: N/A
    Grad GPA: N/A
    GRE: 169Q 167V 5.0AWA
    Math Courses: Calc 3 (A), Linear Algebra (A), Probability(A-), Statistical Inference(A), Real Analysis I(A), Stochastic Processes(A), Real Analysis II(A), Differential Equations(A), Abstract Algebra (IP), Monte Carlo Methods (IP)
    Econ Courses: Intro(A), Intermediate Micro(A), Intermediate Macro(A), Corporate Finance(A-), Accounting(A), Advanced Micro(A), Advanced Macro(A), Independent Study Time Series Econometrics (A), Econometrics(A), Game Theory(A)
    Other Courses:
    Letters of Recommendation: One Econ Professor I have taken 2 classes with, TA'd three semesters for, done research with, and was also my thesis adviser, I know this was an extremely strong letter. One Econ Professor I've done a lot of research with as well for a research institute at my school, worked over the summer for him, also a very strong letter. Another Econ Professor whom I did an independent study project with (currently still working on the paper with his coauthor) as well as worked for over a summer, I think it was a strong letter but I don't really know.
    Research Experience: Undergrad Thesis in Economics. Undergrad Thesis in Math. Spent a summer and three semesters working for a research institute on campus doing forecasting work. Independent study paper with a Professor constructing an SVAR to model prices and inflation rates during different exchange rate regimes.
    Teaching Experience: 3 semesters TA'ing Intro Econ, 2 Semesters TA'ing Intermediate Micro, 1 Semester TA'ing Econometrics, 1 Semester TA'ing Real Analysis
    Research Interests: Not certain yet, thinking maybe health economics/applied micro, but no where near sure.
    SOP: Fairly standard, talked about the above. I think it was at least well written so maybe that helped.
    Other: I had a lot of help with my applications. In addition to the three Professors who wrote letters for me, I had about 4 other faculty advising me and helping me on my applications throughout the process as well as making calls on my behalf to departments. Also my parents are very active so they made sure I stayed on top of things. I think I was really fortunate in that area.

    Acceptances: Stanford ($$$), UPenn($$), Duke($$), Wisconsin($$), UCLA($$)
    Waitlists: None
    Rejections: Harvard, Princeton, Chicago, MIT, Yale, Northwestern, NYU, Columbia, Michigan, Wash U in St Louis, Berkeley
    Pending: None
    Attending: Stanford
    Comments: Really happy with how everything turned out, I think I got really lucky in this incredibly random process.

    What would you have done differently?

    I'm quite happy with how things turned out, there's nothing in particular I would have done differently.

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    Type of Undergrad: BS (cum laude) in Mechanical Engineering from a public research university
    Undergrad GPA: 3.84
    Type of Grad: MS in Environmental Economics with a graduate minor in Statistics from a second-tier ARE program
    Grad GPA: 3.96
    GRE: 170Q, 165V, 4.5AW
    Math Courses: Calculus 1-3, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Intro to Proofs, Real Analysis 1-3 (all A's)
    Econ Courses (grad-level): All at the Master's level - Microeconomics 1-2, Econometrics, Linear Optimization, Benefit-Cost Analysis, Development Economics, Finance and Risk Analysis, Futures and Options Markets (all A's); Resource Economics, International Trade, Research Methods (all A-'s)
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Principles of Macroeconomics, International Trade (all A's)
    Other Courses: For my graduate minor in Statistics - Probability Theory, Theory of Statistical Analysis, Regression Analysis, Nonparametric Statistics (all A's)
    Letters of Recommendation: Two from fellows (PhD from Michigan and PhD from Boston Coll., both well-known in field) for whom I RA, should be strong and attest to my research abilities. One from my MS advisor (PhD from Yale ARE, well-known in field), should also be strong and probably focused more on academics.
    Research Experience: I am currently an RA at an academic research institute in DC. I have co-authored six publications in second-tier energy/environmental econ journals with a few more in the pipeline. I also wrote a Master's thesis.
    Teaching Experience: As an undergrad I TA'd an undergrad Engineering Physics lab for two years.
    Research Interests: Energy, environmental, public, IO
    SOP: Should be pretty standard. I'll discuss my general research interests and the academic and professional experiences that have developed those interests and prepared me for graduate school

    Acceptances: UC Berkeley ARE ($), Harvard Pub. Pol. ($), Michigan Econ & Pub. Pol. ($), Cornell ($), Duke ($), UC San Diego ($), Maryland ($), UC Davis ARE ($), Maryland ARE ($), Duke UPEP ($)
    Rejections: Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Yale
    Attending: UC Berkeley ARE
    Comments: I think itís interesting that there was absolutely no noise at all in my results. I was shut out (not even waitlisted) by top 10 econ departments, but I was accepted with funding everywhere else. I donít know if Iíve seen anyone else whose results were quite so clear cut.

    What would you have done differently?
    Iím really not sure. I took a long and circuitous route to get to where I am now, so it is difficult to say what exactly has made me an attractive PhD candidate and where my application might have been lacking. Obviously some more math and/or PhD-level econ courses would have made me a stronger applicant, but I donít know if it would have been enough to get me into top 10 econ departments. And if not, then they would not have been worth it.
    Even though I did not get into any of the top 10 departments, Iím very glad that I applied to some. Getting in to all the other programs, I would have always wondered if I could have cracked the top 10, so Iím glad to know for sure. For anyone who thinks they are likely to be competitive at top 20 departments, I highly recommend trying for one or two schools at the top. It might be a waste of $200, but I think itís worth it to know for sure that youíve paced at the appropriate level and remove the ďwhat ifÖĒ
    All that said, I donít even know if a top 10 department would have been best for me. And maybe thatís the #1 thing Iíve learned Ė just because Harvard and MIT are the best departments in general, they may not necessarily be the best departments for a specific person. Ultimately, I think I ended up at the best program for my interests, and I am very excited to get started in the fall!
    University of California - Berkeley
    Agricultural and Resource Economics
    Class of 2018

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    Type of Undergrad
    : Economics and math double major from a public university with no graduate econ
    Undergrad GPA: 3.78/4
    Type of Grad: N/A
    Grad GPA: N/A
    GRE: 168Q 157V 4.0AWA
    Math Courses: Calculus I-III (A,A-,A), Fundamentals (Basically intro to proofs) A+, Linear Algebra (A), ODE (B+), Applied Prob. (A-), Real Analysis I (A), and a few more stats classes.
    Econ Courses (grad-level): N/A
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Principles of macro and micro (A/A), Globalization (A), Micro and macro theory (A/A), Public Finance (A), Adv. IO (A). Abroad at a mid level UK uni: European Integration (A-), Monetary Theory (A), Econometrics (A).
    Other Courses:
    Letters of Recommendation: Two very strong but from unknown professors. One from a professor who does not know me as well.
    Research Experience: One semester as RA with one of my letter writters
    Teaching Experience: Two semesters TA for principles of macro.
    Research Interests: International Macro
    SOP: Nothing Exciting.

    Acceptances: UC-Davis ($), UC-Irvine ($), UIUC($$), UBC(MA, partial-$), Wisconsin (MA+transfer, no $)
    Waitlists: Minnesota
    Rejections: Upenn, Columbia, Michigan, UCSD, Duke, Maryland, BU, UT-Austin, UVA, Toronto(DSMA), Queens(MA), UWO(MA)
    Pending: None
    Attending: UC-Davis
    Comments: Didn't crack the top-30 but still very happy with the results. (Well okay I did if you count the unfunded Wisconsin offer)

    What would you have done differently?
    I'm not sure how much more I could have done other than going to a stronger undergrad institution. I suppose I could have looked for an RA position somewhere like the Fed. Overall I'm very happy with the results and I am excited to go to Davis.

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    Typeof Undergrad:TopUniversity from Latin America
    Typeof Grad:Economics(at same undergraduate uni)
    MathCourses:Linear Algebra, Single Variable Calculus and Multivariate Calculus, Static Optimisation Theory, Optimal Control and Dynamic Programming, Statistics I & II, Real Analysis
    EconCourses: Intro Micro, Intro Macro, Intermediate Micro II, Intermediate Macro,Econometrics I, Econometrics II
    OtherCourses:DSGE Modelling, Bayesian Methods, Finance and a lot more...
    GRE:164Q, 155 V, 3.50 A
    Lettersof Recommendation:4:All from my Masters. 3 from Econ Profs and 1 from a MathProf.
    ResearchExperience:1 econometrics paper selected for a conference and latter published as a working paper at home university. Also I received an "outstanding" grade for my MA Thesis. Research assistant to my MA Thesis Advisor.
    TeachingExperience:TA for Optimisation Theory and Dynamic Programming for 2 years.
    Others: Assistance to several one-week IO courses by FTC and DOJ specialists.Programming Skills.
    Concerns: Low GPA. Low grades in my initial math courses.
    ResearchFocus: Time-Series Econometrics, IO and Law & Econ
    Applyingto: (PhD)Berkeley ARE, USC, Indiana, UNC Chapel Hill, Texas A & M, MSU,NotreDame, UIUC, Texas at Austin, Georgetown, Boston College, JHU, Rutgers, Iowa, Pittsburgh, Stony Brook, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Arizona, Purdue, SSE. (Masters) Pompeu Fabra, Western Ontario and Tilburg.

    Acceptances: Arizona($$?), Texas A&M, Pompeu Fabra ($), Rutgers, UNC($$),Indiana($$)
    Waitlists: Indiana (then accepted)
    Rejections: All the rest of myapplications.
    Pending: SSE
    Attending: Indiana
    Comments: All is consummated.

    (cathartic/randomcomments) This is my 2nd cycle of applications. In my first try I though that I could crack into the Top 25-30 maybe. Oh boy, I was so wrong. Last year only obtained an offer without funding from Rutgers and was rejected from Wustl, Rochester, Texas, Emory, UCSC, Brown, Vanderbilt, UNC and Carlos III. I said to myself, "I gonna try one more time". I took more math classes (Real Analysis and Dynamic Programming), I do well and I obtained a letter of recommendation from my Math Professor. Even then when I checked the profiles at the Roll Call 2013 I was like "Oh no, this guys are like the waaaaaaaaaaay more prepared than me ...".I started to think an alternative world where I just give the idea of a Ph.D. and look for another job for more money, get into a serious relationship (thinking about math courses and applications is not a good environment for long term commitments -at least not for me-), and then post pictures on FB of my less stressful happy life (vacations in Cancun, buying an apartment, having kids, etc.).

    That alternative world is not going to happen. I obtained an offer with funding and I'm goingto be a Ph.D. I'll be on the job market -hopefully-about 5 years from now and I'll remember all the TM posters who make me feel like there were other people trying to pursue their dreams and I'm not alone (and whom I would like to meet in person). FinallyI feel like all the effort and sacrificies were worth and I'm now receiving the payoff. I'mso f*******happy. This forum is great.

    Now I'm going to grab a 6 pack and watch Madmen. I'm going to finally rest. Hope to meet any of you in Indiana.

    What would you have done differently?
    1.-To be born in another country.
    2.-Better math grades.
    3.-Meet more connected professors.
    4.-That's it!

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    PROFILE: AlSharpton
    Type of Undergrad: Regional State Non PhD Granting. BS Econ, minor in math
    Undergrad GPA: 3.22
    Type of Grad: MA Econ
    Grad GPA: 4.0
    GRE: 800Q 630V
    Math Courses: Calc 1,2,3 (B, B, A) Discrete Math (B), Proofs (B), Linear Algebra (A), Differential Equations (B), Real Analysis I (A), Real Analysis II (A), Intro to Probability (A), Mathematical Analysis (Grad Level) (A)
    Econ Courses: Tons. Will only mention Grad level. Micro Theory, Macro Theory, Econometrics I and II, Forecasting, Time Series, Research Methods, Independent study (Programming methods in Econ) Math for Econ, Global Econ (All A's)
    Other Courses: Intro to Programming (A)
    Letters of Recommendation: Strong. My LOR writers did a fantastic job and went the extra mile.
    Research Experience: Masters Thesis
    Teaching Experience: Grader/tutor for pretty much every core undergrad course and a grader/tutor for grad level macro and econometrics
    Research Interests: Macro/Development/Panel Data methods and Micro based Macro
    SOP: I used this opportunity to briefly express my journey into economics and explain my weak undergrad GPA as well as my research interests.
    Other: NA

    Acceptances: Notre Dame ($$), Vanderbilt ($$), University of Kentucky ($$), Southern Methodist University ($$),
    Waitlists: Texas A&M (Finance)?
    WUSTL, University of Michigan, Ohio State, Duke (Finance), Indiana University (Finance), Boston University
    Pending: NA
    Attending: Notre Dame
    Comments: This was an incredibly tough decision. There were aspects that I really liked about Vanderbilt, but in the end I believe that my research potential is greater at Notre Dame.

    What would you have done differently? Not received a 3.22 in my undergrad for starters. But as far as the admissions process goes I wish I would have applied to more schools in the 20-30 range. I know i was auto-rejected from many programs because of my undergrad GPA, but some seemed to like the remainder of my profile and were willing to take a chance. Overall I am happy with Notre Dame. I believe the program is a great fit for my research interests and I am looking forward to fall semester very much.

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    Type of Undergrad:
    Large Midwest Flagship
    BS in Economics, BA in Mathematics and Political Science
    Undergrad GPA:
    Type of Grad: NA
    Grad GPA: NA
    Math Courses: Calc I and II, Elementary Linear Algebra, Vector Calc, Probability and Statistics for Scientists and Engineers, Real Analysis, Linear Algebra, Probability (undergrad level), Statistics (undergrad level), Probability (masters level), Statistics (masters level) all A's except B in vector calc and masters stats is in progress
    Econ Courses (Undergrad): Main ones are Intermediate Micro/Macro, Labor, Development of Africa, Growth, Game Theory(undergrad level)-all A's
    Econ Courses (Grad):
    Game Theory(masters level), Microeconomics I (PhD level), Econometrics I (PhD level), Econometric Forecasting(masters level)-A's except forecasting is in progress
    Letters of Recommendation:
    PhD Micro/Masters Game Theory Prof., PhD Econometrics Prof, and Honors Thesis Adviser
    Research Experience:
    Completing Honors Thesis
    Teaching Experience: TA for Principles of Micro
    Mostly about how I became interested in development economics with a paragraph for each school about the research being done there I find interesting.
    Concerns: Prestige of my undergrad and the B I got in Vector Calc as a sophomore... woulda coulda shoulda.
    Research Focus: Development, Political Economy and Labor
    Acceptances: NSF, MIT(Rejected then Accepted after NSF), Berkeley($), Wisconsin(Wait listed then Accepted after NSF), UCLA($), Maryland($)
    Minnesota, Chicago, Harvard
    BU, NYU, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Columbia
    So blown away!! Advice: 1) apply as many places as you can stomach. If you would have told me I would eventually get into MIT and not BU I would have laughed in your face. 2) Visit everywhere you possibly can. Nothing made my decision more clear than talking with the faculty and grad students. You can get a lot of important signals that way. 3) Try not to go too crazy. If you're reading this you're probably seriously dedicated to becoming an economist and that means you will do well no matter where you go 4) Apply to the NSF, apply to the NSF and apply to the NSF.

    What would I have done differently:
    Tried not to go as crazy as I did for awhile... I got all my rejections first and back to back so I was pretty convinced that I was going to be shut out. Retrospectively I shouldn't have let it get to me as much as it did. First I didn't know I was going to get shut out but second and more importantly getting shut out is not the end of the world. You will move on and be just fine.
    Attending: MIT!

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    Type of Undergrad: Decent private school, BA Econ and Math

    Undergrad GPA: 3.75
    Type of Grad:
    Grad GPA:
    GRE: 161Q 158V 5.0AW
    Math Courses: Calc I-III (A, B+, A), General Stats (A), Linear Algebra (A), Math Reasoning (A), Probability Theory (A), Diff eq( taking now)
    Econ Courses (grad-level):
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Principles (B+), Intermediate Micro (A), International Trade and Finance (B+), Intermediate Macro (A-), Pricing Policies (A), The Spanish Economy (took abroad, A), Urban Development (A-), Econometrics (A), Senior Sem (A)
    Other Courses: a couple of accounting and finance classes
    Letters of Recommendation: All should be excellent, and two that publish pretty frequently
    Research Experience: Research assistant, thesis, independent research in the math department
    Teaching Experience: none
    Research Interests: Macro, labor
    SOP: Probably above average
    Concerns: no analysis, relatively unknown school
    Other: I spent 2 summers at the fed
    Applying to: UT Austin, Vanderbilt, UVA, UNC, Indiana, UC Davis, U of Washington, Georgetown, UC Irvine (Accepted with $), Clemson (Accepted with $)

    Clemson ($$), UC Irvine ($$), Indiana (waitlisted $), UNC ($$)
    Waitlists:U of Washington
    Rejections:Vanderbilt, UVA, UC Davis, Georgetown, UT
    Attending: UNC
    Comments: I think I have done as well as I could have hoped for. Coming from a pretty unknown school with no graduate program, I am extremely happy. I think this is a good representation of what you can do without coming from a known school. Overall I think this is as good as I could have hoped for.

    What would I have done differently:I would have started talking math classes a lot earlier than I did. I fit a whole major into essentially three semesters. I also would have studied more for the GRE and made sure that I was going to get atleast a 165. I know that I am capable of that, and I know that it affected my results. Other than that I worked very hard for a long time, and I'm thrilled that it has paid off and culminated into this.

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