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Thread: Profiles and Results 2013

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    Typeof Undergrad:
    BA in Econ, math minor, US small regional LAC, econ program unknown, no grad program
    Undergrad GPA: 3.79
    Type of Grad: MS in Applied Econ at private university, national reputation, unsure of ranking, masters program known regionally among business, no PhD program
    Grad GPA: 3.77
    GRE: 790Q/630V
    Math Courses: Calc I II III (full sequence) (A,AB,B), Linear Algebra (B+) and Diff Eq (A) both taken abroad at American U in Cairo, Mathematical Modeling (B) Adv. Foundations of Math (set theory, intro to proof writing,etc)(A)
    Econ Courses (grad-level): Micro (A) Macro (B), Applied econometrics (A), Applied Time-Series Econometrics and Forecasting (A), Financial Econometrics (A), grad credit mentioned below transfered in due to special partnership between the two institutions
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Intro Micro, Intro Macro, Interm Micro, Inter Macro (A,AB,A,AB), Intro to Econometrics (A), International Trade (counted for graduate credit)(A), Sports Econ 2 (counted for graduate credit)(A), Labor Econ (took abroad)(A), International Finance and Monetary Econ (A)
    Other Courses: SAS, currently do a lot of SAS programming at work
    Letters of Recommendation: 1 from an econ professor at undergrad, probably my biggest fan but unknown in the field (PhD-Indiana), 1 from director of graduate program at grad (PhD-Kansas), 1 from my grad thesis advisor who is also dept chair (PhD-Kentucky), both grad profs have a very large publishing history but aren't superstars.
    Research Experience: Applied masters thesis on global monetary policy and commodity prices, advisor modifed it and added himself as co-author and is now under review at a journal
    Teaching Experience: Graduate Assistant who held office hours for principles classes. I filled in for my prof one day for an intl trade lecture in her principles class, that counts!
    Research Interests: Applied micro, IO,urban/regional, behavioral/experimental, economic history, political economy
    Desire to do research and become a professor, highlighted research areas I'm interested in without mentioning very specific topics or specific literature, discussed math and research background briefly
    Concerns: Lacking some more advanced math courses (Real Analysis, math stats and prob,grad-level math), academic pedigree (institutions and LORs not well-known for economics), deterioration of skills (2 years since undergrad, 1 since grad), settling on fields, taking a vow of poverty (I'd be leaving a fairly good and secure job, risk it all for a PhD?).
    Other: Presented thesis at econ dept seminar and 2011 US/North American Assoc. for Energy Economics Conference, President of ODE at undergrad, almost all undergrad semesters on Dean's List, Best merit scholarship offered by my college all through undergrad.

    Florida State ($20K TA plus one time grant of $3K, later replaced with a $28K Charles G. Koch fellowship with RA duties during the school year and TA during the summer), Indiana-Bloomington (Waitlisted for aid, declined)
    Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Ohio State, UNC - Chapel Hill (all declined)
    Maryland, UT-Austin, Purdue, Pittsburgh, Virginia

    Florida State

    What would you have done differently?
    My decision to get a PhD was made 2 years after undergrad and 1 year after my masters degree. I had no intention of getting one up until last year, though I was always curious. I realize now that I was an academic in denial. So while my profile does have some strengths for a person applying to a PhD (upper-level math courses, research experience), there were still many things I could have done had I known I wanted to do a PhD when I was 18: go to a better school, take more math, try to get all A's, go to an MA program (vs applied). My three L.O.R. writers were the only people I could get letters from since I didn't really try to build strong relationships while in school. Luckily they were all able to write strong, positive letters. I won't dwell on the distant past.

    During the app process, though, I probably should have applied to more schools in the 40-60 range like Kentucky and NCSU. I would have liked to have considered some West-coast schools, but I think that would be too far away from friends and family and my girlfriend is a student at FSU, so I was really only looking at schools in the East and South. In retrospect, I really underestimated the competition and probably would not have put time and money towards applying to schools ranked 25-30, but I was waitlisted by Ohio State which was an honor in itself. Considering my background (let me just say I'm intimidated by the mental prowess and econ experience of a lot of you TMers applying this round!), I'm really quite pleased with how everything turned out: I'll finally be living in the same city as my girlfriend and I have a stellar funding package with research opportunities right off the bat.
    FSU is low-ranked, sure, and I'll have a monstrously difficult time getting a tenure-track academic placement, but I think it's a serious and rigorous program that will open a lot of doors for me. As long as I work hard, I'll be pleased with the next 5 years of my life.
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    Type of Undergrad: BA in Economics from unknown school
    Undergrad GPA: 3.79
    Type of Grad: MA in Econ Policy (BA/MA Program)
    Grad GPA: 4.0
    GRE: 155V 163Q 4.0AW
    Math Courses: Calculus II-III (A,A), Linear Algebra (A), Differential Equations (B), Real Analysis I (A), Real Analysis II (A), Advanced Matrix Algebra (C), Probability Theory (A), Mathematical Statistics (Spring)
    Econ Courses (grad-level): Micro (A), Macro (Spring), Econometrics I (A), Econometrics II (Spring)
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): Intro Micro and Macro (A,B), Intermediate Micro and Macro (A,A), Intro to Metrics (A), Quantitative Econ (A), International Finance (B), Individual Research in Econ (A)
    Other Courses: Nothing Relevant
    Letters of Recommendation: Grad Micro Prof: should be the best of all three. We always chat in the end of class. Grad Metrics Prof: I have no idea what it値l look like. Undergrad Metrics Prof: should be good. I wrote a very good paper for that class.
    Research Experience: None
    Teaching Experience: None
    Research Interests: Economic Development, Micro Theory
    SOP: Okay

    Acceptances: GWU (no $)
    Rejections: Pitt, Maryland AREC, Johns Hopkins, Rutgers, Virginia, UMD, Penn State, Virginia Tech
    Attending: MA program in state school ($$)

    Comments: I知 looking at this as a great opportunity to improve my profile. I probably had poor recommendation letters this year since I had very little contact with my professors. Also, I had health problems during most of 2012 (end of junior, beginning of senior year), and that really hurt my grades (got a W, B and C). By taking the time to finish an MA program I値l be able to get better letters, make up for the low grades, and do lots of research. Also, this time I値l try to study for the GRE and get better scores. I致e been offered a full-time assistantship and I値l be doing research at a government agency, so that should get me going. To be honest, I知 really happy with the way things turned out.

    What would you have done differently?
    Lots of things. But none of them matter now. It is what it is, and I can honestly say that I did the best I could with the very little I had. I do have some regrets, but almost none of them are bad academic choices, but rather bad personal choices that had spillover effects on my academic life. The only thing I could actually have done differently was to have studied for the GRE. I only studied for the math section a week before the scheduled date, which was last December (that was pretty stupid). But then again, I知 not sure how much better scores would have helped me, given the other weaknesses in my profile.

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    Type of Undergrad: BA (Hons) in econ from top Australian university
    Undergrad GPA: 87/100 (First Class Honours)
    Type of Grad: MA in econ from top Australian university (same as undergrad)
    Grad GPA: 95/100 (First Class Honours)
    GRE: 166Q, 161V, 5.5AW
    Math Courses: linear algebra (I and II) (A,A), calculus (I and II) (A,A), vector calculus (A), real analysis (A), complex analysis (A), abstract algebra (B), PDEs (A), topology (A), mathematical statisics (A)
    Econ Courses (grad-level): Micro I (A), Macro I (A), Macro II (A), Econometrics I (A), masters thesis (A)
    Econ Courses (undergrad-level): 20 subjects --- both core and field (2 Bs and the rest As); undergrad thesis (A)
    Other Courses:
    Letters of Recommendation: i] PhD UT Austin, ii] DPhil Oxford, iii] PhD UCLA; all should be solid.
    Research Experience: undergrad thesis, masters thesis
    Teaching Experience: none
    Research Interests: macro, monetary, financial
    SOP: explains research experience and interests
    Concerns: heterogeneity in admissions of previous students from my school; wasn't top of my Honours cohort
    Applying to: all of top ten and pretty much the rest of top 25

    CMU ($$$), Wash U ($$$), Rochester ($$$), Northwestern (no $), Maryland ($$), Wisconsin Madison ($$$), Toronto ($$), UBC ($$$), Penn State ($$$)
    Waitlists: NYU, Minnesota
    Rejections: Chicago, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, UPenn, Berkeley, UCLA, Columbia, Yale, Stanford, LSE, Duke, BU, Cornell
    Attending: Wisconsin Madison

    What would you have done differently?
    I don稚 think there痴 too much else I could have done. I think my biggest weakness was LORs --- I only knew one of my letter-writers really well. Maybe if I did some RA work, I could have gotten stronger letters from the other two and gotten into the top 10. But overall, I think the results are about what I expected.

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    Type of Undergrad: B.Sc in Econ in 2nd tier Canadian Uni,
    Undergrad GPA:
    4.1/4.3 ==> around 3.9/4 -- about top 3 of cohort
    Type of Grad:
    M.Sc Economics in same Uni - taking all 1st yeat PhD classes
    Grad GPA:
    NA when applied
    Q164/ V151/ AWA3.5
    Math Courses:
    Linear Algebra, Maths for economists (A+)
    Econ Courses:
    about every econ class you can think of, including Intermediate and honors sequence of macro, micro and metrics (A+)
    Letters of Recommendation: All Econ, Very Strong but not famous. 1 assistant prof and 2 full profs.
    Research Experience:
    2 years RA work for think thank
    Research Interests: Applied stuff - Public, Development, Environmental,
    Short and honest about lack of math

    Toronto($$), Maryland($$) , BU($$), Brown (MA admit first, then $$)
    UPenn (v.h.)
    Stanford GSB, Yale, Berkeley, UCLA, Duke, CMU, UBC, Chicago, NYU, Stern, Wharton, Michigan, Northwestern
    Attending: Brown
    What would you have done differently?
    Please see "Math Courses". But very happy with results.
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    Re: Profiles and Results 2013

    PROFILE: Canadian student in mediocre school ranked 200-300 in the world.
    Type of Undergrad:
    B.Math Double Honours in Math and Economics
    Undergrad GPA: 3.91/4.0
    Type of Grad: N/A
    Grad GPA: N/A
    GRE: N/A
    Math Courses: Real analysis, Differential equations, Statsitics and Probability, Other less popular heavy math courses
    Econ Courses:
    Advanced Econ,
    Other Courses:
    Letters of Recommendation: 1 from the dean, 2 from the regular faculty
    Research Experience: 1 year with econ faculty
    Teaching Experience: 2 years as TA since first year summer
    Research Interests: Flexible
    SOP: Standard
    Applied: U of Toronto, UBC, Queen's, Paris School of Economics, LSE

    Everywhere I applied
    Waitlists: None
    Rejections: None
    Attending: PSE
    Comments: Decided to attend PSE to see Piketty and Paris.
    I might transfer to US after doing GRE.

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