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Thread: Profile Evaluation! Econ Ph.D

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    Profile Evaluation! Econ Ph.D

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    Hi guys,

    I am looking forward to apply for a Ph.D in Economics starting on Fall 2017. I wanted to ask you for advice on where to apply to and for any additional recommendation you could give me. Do you think I can be admitted to a top 15 ? Where?

    Age: 23
    Type of Undergrad: B.A. in economics from a university in Latin America (which doesn´t mean a lot )
    Undergrad GPA: 94.1/100
    Type of Grad: Masters in Economics from a top European Program
    Grad GPA: 89.1/100 . I am not really sure but I should be Top 3 in the class.
    Econ Grad Courses: Micro (A), Statistics (B-), Math for Economics (A), Macro I (A), Econometrics (A+), Micro 2 (A+), Macro II (A), Corporate Finance (A+), Industrial Organization (B)
    GRE: 168Q 160V 4.5 AWA (not native speaker)
    TOEFL: 110
    Math Courses in the undergrad: Math for economists I-IV (A+). These are the usual applied math to econ classes. I also took the following classes from the math school. Intro to discrete math (proofs, logic, sets, relations), Calc I (A, Pure Math School), Calc II and Linear Algebra (from the Math School). In Calc I and Calc II, we almost finished the Baby Rudin.
    Econ undergrad Courses: 4 courses Micro Sequence (A, A+), 4 courses Macro sequence (A, A+), 3 courses stats sequence (A), 3 courses metrics sequence (A+). Other stuff like advanced trade, labor, public econ, etc (all A or A+)
    Letters of Recommendation: I haven`t talked to them yet. Nevertheless, they should be good and I am thinking of the professor I was RA who is known in her field, and my two macro professors, one is very well and the other one is not as famous but knows me very well.
    Research Experience: Research Assistant for one of my letter of recommendation writers working on a project that was presented during the NBER Summer Institute. Also, I worked closely with her coauthor who is at Booth.
    Teaching Experience: Teaching assistant in Public Economics (undergrad). Lecturer of Intro to Econ during undergrad.
    Research Interests: Trade, Empirical Macro, Productivity, Firm Heterogeneity, Labor Macro-
    Working Experience: Three years in a Private Macro Consulting Firm
    SOP: Should be good.
    Other: Best Student in the Economics Department 4 years in a row during my undergrad (out of aprox. 500 students)
    Concerns: My grades on Statistics and IO during the undergrad. Overlapping with my fellow classmantes.
    Applying to: Most top 20.

    What are my chances?

    Thank you very much!

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    Re: Profile Evaluation! Econ Ph.D

    Top 5 material ;-)

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    Re: Profile Evaluation! Econ Ph.D

    I second specious' post. If you're unlucky, you'll be top 10 material.

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