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Thread: Master program for competitive RA positions

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    Master program for competitive RA positions

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    Hi guys,
    I write this post since I would like to discuss about getting RA position in US, related with master programs. So, I just graduated from undergraduate and think of career path: 1 or 2 year Master - 1 or 2 years RA - Ph.D. I am quite not sure which master program would successfully land me to the best RA positions. For example, many people consider master program in Duke is better than NYU's MS program as a stepping stone to Ph.D. But such criterion is also true for getting in the competitive RA positions? (i,e which one is better to RA position, so-called stepping stone program or terminal master program?) I mean they seek applicant with quite different background. How do you guys think?

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    Re: Master program for competitive RA positions

    Master's degrees are quite expensive. I would suggest gunning hard for a RA position direct from undergrad. Barring that, I would seriously consider your return on investment from pursuing the path your suggest above.

    I looked over your profile and you should be competitive for RA positions now. Apply extensively, to the NBER postings, Fed postings, etc. An RA position will also allow you to better assess if research is really something you want to do, which is the most important determinant for pursuing a PhD.

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