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Thread: Late Profile Evaluation

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    Late Profile Evaluation

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    I am from a Top University in China,majoring in economics.I am applying to Top 20 schools in US. And also considering LSE and Oxbridge

    My profile:
    GPA: 3.8
    GRE: Q:170/V:146/AWA:3.5

    Undergrad Econ courses: 4* A+,3*A
    Grad Econ Courses:
    Micro 1:A
    Micro 2:A
    Macro 1:B+
    Macro 2: A+
    Advanced Macro: A+
    Econometrics: A+

    Math courses:
    Calculus 1 and 2: A-,B+
    Multivariable Calculus: B+
    Linear Algebra: B
    Advanced Real Analysis: B-
    Mathematical Analysis: A+
    Abstract Algebra: A
    Calculus on Manifold: A
    Real Analysis 2: A-
    Topology: A
    Complex Analysis: A

    I have no prior research experience,I got three letters from Econ professors who know me much.What is the chance for me to get into top 20 US schools? Or LSE MRes and Oxbridge?

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    Re: Late Profile Evaluation

    For your case, it's better to ask people from your U. You will want to post a thread on some Chinese forum as well.

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