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Thread: Admissions and Results

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    Admissions and Results

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    With Ohio State usually releasing some early offers in mid-January, it's already that time again. The format to use is below.

    Notification date:
    Notified via phone, snail mail, or email:


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    Re: Admissions and Results

    Institution: Ohio State
    Program: Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics PhD
    Decision: Accepted
    Funding: TBA, details below
    Notification date: Jan. 8th
    Notified via phone, snail mail, or email: I first saw it on the website, but received an email a day or two later.
    I know as of right now they have accepted about 10 students to their AED PhD program. They are nominating these students to at least one College or University wide fellowship, which is why they have specifically been notified. They will send out another round of acceptances later, since they normal aim for a larger class than 10.

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