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Thread: Textbook suggestions

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    Re: Textbook suggestions

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    Work ethic is also hugely important for any kind of RA work. If I have to guess, "this student had a B- midterm but received an A- by the end of the course" is probably more valuable than "This student received an A on both exams."

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    Re: Textbook suggestions

    most RA job postings also explicitly state the qualities they are looking for in their candidates. Research experience, strong programming skills, rigorous coursework, able to work independently, motivated, aiming to become a professional economist, etc. It seems like these would all be important for rec letters to RA positions

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    Re: Textbook suggestions

    Spectrum -- for me, the places I applied to had some sort of programming data task. If you did well enough on that they'd request an interview. For me, it seemed like the most important component of the interview was being able to talk about my previous research experience; why I did something a certain way, why I used the data I did, what problems I ran into and how I figured it out--stuff like that. This was just my experience, but being able to talk clearly about research (like your thesis or some other RA experience), strong programming skills, and obviously good grades in things like econometrics and statistics should put you in a good position for landing a good RA job.

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