Hello there.
Iím an undergrad Econ, with a minor in math. So far, my qualifications are:

1. GRE quant 168, verbal 152, AW 4.5
2. Real analysis, diff. equations, linear algebra, probability stat, math econ, inter micro + macro, multivariate calculus
3. honors student with 4.0 GPA
4. award for "outstanding undergrad paper" in my uni (my thesis)
5. recommenders include a dean who used to be econ prof, a math prof, and a prof that has broad connection
No research experience as a research assistant, as I'm undergrad. No published paper. State school bachelor. But i believe no undergrad students can publish paper or have research exp.

I know this isnít enough for PhD applied econ in good programs (top 50 and above). (note: applied econ, NOT pure econ). I want to do PhD in econ, but I prefer solving practical, daily econ issues, rather than staying in my office all day to build new formula and stuff, thus applied econ. Can anyone enlighten me? I have several questions:

1/ additional math requirements for phd applied econ, besides my completed ones? Topology, optimization maybe?

2/ is phd applied econ admission less/same competitive as pure phd econ?

3/ whatís a successful file of a person who gets into a good (top 50 and above) phd applied econ? Any masters? Research exp? publication?
4/ Is it less math intensive than pure phd econ? Is it simply another word for PhD Business as some people said? what're the core differences between applied econ and pure econ?

Thanks a bunch! Deeply appreciate. You guys are most kind to enlighten me! And congrats to those who made it into their top choices for PhD econ also.