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Thread: Low GPA, What are my chances?

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    Re: Low GPA, What are my chances?

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    OP, since you're at a top Russian school just ask the administrators for profiles that have been successful in obtaining admissions to top 20 schools. The Russians that I've met at top schools have very very strong profiles. You're only selectively listening to positive advice here and its going to end up hurting you.

    If you really want to do this PhD at a top 40 you have a long uphill battle

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    Re: Low GPA, What are my chances?

    Quote Originally Posted by srpankratyev View Post
    Thank you for the insight!
    But do I have chances to get to an MA program at university like Chicago? Duke? or LSE?
    And yes, another disadvantage of my situation is that I'm very limited in finance (my family has limited earnings and it can be proved), so I need at least the tuition to be paid. If I don't find such conditions in the US or UK than I will turn to other european programs like Toulouse or PSE/ CEMFI.
    Not trying to be a wet blanket here but you'll definitely not get into CEMFI. That is pretty much unanimous. CEMFI is among the top European programmes for PhD prep. How do I know you don't stand a chance? I got rejected, and I'm sitting at an expected First Class (which is an equivalent of 3.8-ish GPA).

    You must also recognise that competition for the econs course variants are very high at the LSE. I wouldn't put much hope in getting in there as well. They explicitly mention on their website somewhere that most of their admitted students have at least a 2.1 with most having a First.

    You might stand a chance at PSE/Toulouse and BGSE or Bocconi, perhaps, but definitely not CEMFI.

    Programmes in the US and UK generally don't offer much in the area of tuition waivers so it's better to focus on applying to European programmes if you are financially constrained.

    Like others have mentioned. Getting a 165+ for the GRE quant goes a long way to salvage things.

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