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Thread: Prospective PhD after masters

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    Re: Prospective PhD after masters

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    I wouldn't be surprised if what you say is accurate. I can't seem to find any information on placement into industries or graduate programs. It seems that this program most likely places people into 50-70 ranked programs realistically

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    Re: Prospective PhD after masters

    Quote Originally Posted by ehphd2017 View Post
    OP ignore this comment. You certainly have a shot if you improve your GRE, get great letters and if possible hav some RA experience with a working paper out. Best wishes.
    I'm extremely puzzled at this. I've seen your profile, which was strictly dominant over OP's, and massively ahead of him in several aspects. Your grades, GRE, pedigree, and mathematical background are above or equal to his ceiling. You also had 2 years of RA experience (OP has zero RA experience) - and unless you were incompetent at cleaning data, it means you had better reference letters than OP can ever get from a master's program.

    Your application to econ PhDs had a clear cut-off around the #25-30 mark, i.e. you were rejected by those higher than #25, accepted by those below #30.

    That is also what I would have guessed about your profile; I definitely think you made a good decision on your target list. And congratulations.

    But OP's profile isn't even comparable. You own results are sufficient to provide OP with the information he actually wanted to know about: He doesn't have a chance at the top 35. Not now, not in 1.5 years, and probably not even if he spends another year doing RA work. In fact, I'm willing to take a 1-to-3 wager that he doesn't get a funded offer from a top 35 Ph.D. program within the next 3 years.

    I simply don't understand how your advice can be so drastically inconsistent with your own decisions and experiences.
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