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Thread: Comparing Masters programs.

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    Comparing Masters programs.

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    Right now I'm finishing my second year in a fairly highly ranked European bachelor's program in Economics. My program is three years long (all econ focused) and I'm comparing different Masters programs with the notion of staying close to home for my Masters and going to the US for my PHD.

    I wanted a real comparison between programs so I looked at topics taught in the UK and US programs and topics taught in some of the continental European programs.

    Is it really true that the courses in the best UK and US Masters programs are already surpassed by what I've taken during my bachelors? I've even noticed stuff that that is seemingly taught at PHD programs that is at a lower level than what I will take just next year.

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    Re: Comparing Masters programs.

    The masters programmes in the UK aren't generally considered to be good prep for a PhD, with the exception being the LSE, Oxbridge and a select few.

    If you are willing to consider European programmes, you ought to look at programmes like CEMFI. You'll be doing PhD coursework for your masters.

    Also, I doubt you would've covered fully MWG, Hayashi and Rubenstein's texts, or their equivalents, at the undergraduate level. I could be wrong, though.

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