I can't really say much about admissions to a Finance PhD. I would think a mathematical background is more important for Finance than for Management as others have pointed out already.

One of your concerns nobody really addressed is the fact that you mentioned you are Iranian. Given all the political crap that is going on in the US right now this may actually be a problem. Or are you planning to apply to European schools? This may be easier, I am not sure.
One of the schools I visited had one PhD student from Iran as well and they told him it would be better not to leave the country right now to go visit family during the winter break. Actually this was an official statement from the university that was posted on their website. They recommended that all the students coming from "specific countries" should not leave the US.
It's a mess right now.

The advise you got from others here should definitely be helpful.
Good luck!

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yeah I'm going to write a reply here for one more time
so far all my replies are waiting for an approval from a mod (don't know why probably because I'm new)

thank you all for answering my question. I'm not really married to the idea of top 10.
I just want to go to the best place I can. I love the idea of doing meaningful research but it's not like it's top 10 (or top anything for that matter) or bust for me.

and the universities I want to work in after my Ph.D. are really not that great, I'm talking lincoln Nebraska here! for some weird reason, i LOVE small midwestern college towns!