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Thread: Profile Evaluation

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    Profile Evaluation

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    Hi all, so I am a sophomore and am thinking of applying for Econ phd after I graduate (2019). Here is my profile:

    Undergraduate school: Top 10 school in US (think Columbia, Upenn, Uchi)
    Undergraduate program: BS in applied math, minor in econ and operations research
    GPA: 3.8
    GRE: haven't taken
    Math courses: Multivariable calculus, Linalg, ODE, PDE, Complex variable function, Real Analysis, Discrete time model, Numerical Method, Simulation, Stochastic process, Probability and stats
    Econ courses: Intermediate micro/macro, econometrics (will take advanced econ classes in the future)
    RA: working under an environmental economics project, will be working on an applied math project as well
    TA: TA for two semesters
    Other internships in the financial industry (data analysis and trading support)
    Research interest: financial economics, macroeconomics, applied econometrics

    Here are my concerns:
    What schools should I apply for?
    How to improve my profile in order to be competitive in the admission process?
    What if I apply for phd after I work for several years in the industry? Is it feasible?

    Any pearls of knowledge will be appreciated.

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    Re: Profile Evaluation

    As a graduating senior, my two cents is that you should focus on building your profile first before worrying about which schools to apply for. The range you should apply for will depend a lot on grades you receive in your advanced econ classes and the relationships you build with profs during your junior year. You've done really well so far, and top students from top 10 schools usually place very well into PhD programs. You should grab any opportunity you can to work as a RA for econ profs, and you should try to get to know your professors in your econ classes and not just get A's in them. Go ask questions during office hours, ask about things that are not necessarily class material, participate in the first row during lecture, etc

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