I'm an international student majored in math and i hoped to study economics in german univerisities. I applied for Bonn, Mannheim, Humblo ldt berlin, Frankfurt, etc, and I got admission from Humboldt(HU) MEMS master in econ and management and Frankfurt GSEFM phd+mqe in economics.
Since I have no general info about german schools other than the international rankings, I applied for as many schools as I managed to and now I'm having hard times deciding which school to go. If you are studying inside one of these programs or you're doing master or doctoral in econ at other german or european schools, so that you could give me some advices, it will help me a lot.

Looking into the school's webpage and threads in many forums, I got an impression that Frankfurt has strength in Macro and Finance and also that the job placement has been successful in macro and fin areas. (Also, i wrote to one of faculty members there and she replied that it is indeed, but she didn't say about micro.) However, since my major interests are in Micro theory, applied micro, game thy and so on, and I also want to study other social sciences and humanities together with economics hoping that would be interesting academic connection, I wonder if the school fits well with my characteristics.
How is it to study micro in Frankfurt? Is it also strong in micro or would it be a bad idea to study micro there?

About MEMS Humboldt university, It is master's program in econ and management sci, but i think i can focus more on econ by my choice. I tried to get some more information about the school, program, but was not successful.
There is no information like job placement (though it's not really decisive for me, i think it can be some criterion to compare schools.) on the webpage and also I could not find threads giving me meaningful information. How is micro at HU in general? I heard that HU is really good in Philo, humanities, maybe in social sci's, so if the program is good in micro as well, maybe it is better for me.
I also know that people successfully graduated hu or fu masters go to BDPEMS to pursue doctoral. How is this institute? Is it also really good as GSEFM frankfurt? How is it to study micro in Berlin in general?

I know Bonn would be a perfect place for micro, but I was rejected doing doctoral study there and now I'm waiting for admission of Master's in Economics and not so sure if it is research oriented or not. Information about this program also would be appreciated.

So many questions. Thank you for reading this.
I hope you guys could give me some valuable advices. And if you need more information about my previous study or my academic interests to give advice, please tell me!
Thank you!! 😊