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Thread: Can anyone help me pick a math course at University of Toronto?

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    Can anyone help me pick a math course at University of Toronto?

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    Thanks in advance for any help-

    I just finished my undergrad at a so-so economics dept. in Canada. My marks are great, have good recommendations etc. but I kind of decided late in the game that I wanted to do a PhD, so I don't have the most extensive math background, especially with proofs. I'm taking a year off school and moved to Toronto to work in policy, applying to master's programs in the Fall- I'm fairly confident that I can get into a top 4 program in Canada, based on placements of similar students at my school/conversations with people on this forum.

    I have some free time this year though, and I want to take a U of T math course at some point to a) boost my application for PhD time and b) make sure I really kick *** once I start master's classes. Here's my math background:

    Calc I-II (A+,A), Statistics I-II (A,A), Linear Algebra (A-), Multivariate Calc for Economics(A+)

    I'm looking at a few math courses, but I want some advice on which courses I'm both likely to do well in based on my experience, but will be really good for signalling and for masters prep. I have a few in mind:

    MAT157Y1 - Analysis I

    MAT237Y1 - Multivariable Calculus

    MAT244H1 - Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations

    MAT336H1 - Elements of Analysis

    MAT337H1 - Introduction to Real Analysis

    With 3 potential courses in Analysis, I'm pretty unsure of which to do. Analysis 1 goes over some stuff I learned in Calc II, but only part of it, and I took that course in my first year. The two third year Analysis courses are all new to me, and would probably be better signals, but I have no idea whether I would be able to do well in them.

    Here's a description of the courses, for context: https://fas.calendar.utoronto.ca/section/Mathematics


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    Re: Can anyone help me pick a math course at University of Toronto?

    There is little merit in taking a difficult class if you can't secure a fantastic grade.

    That being said, the Analysis 1 seems to sufficiently fit the intro to analysis 'requirement'. Taking ODEs can also help beef up your math profile.

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