Hi all, I need some expertise on which US schools to target (since I am not from there). I am little afraid that my lack of "official" maths courses will reduce my chances. Primarily I am interested in the straight PhD Econ program. Yet, some business schools offer PhD financial econ programs (through a management phd track), which seems appealing given my background.

Type of Undergrad: BSc Econ Top 20 UK - Top 150 World
Undergrad GPA: 3.4 (much stronger GPA in stats than econ courses)
Type of Grad 1: MSc Econ Top 5 UK - Top 50 World
Grad GPA: 4.0 (PhD courses in macro, micro, metrics)
Type of Grad 2: MSc Finance LSE

GRE: will be taken in the next few weeks
Maths Courses: calculus (A), algebra (A), applied mathematics (B), 4 semesters of statistics and probability (A*), real analysis (online course)
Econ: PhD macro (A*), PhD micro (A) and 5 semesters of metrics classes (usually A* or A), quant. finance (A), various electives ranging from monetary econ (A*), intn econ (A) etc. [I don't think those are too relevant]

Letter of recommendations: Former Harvard PhD Econ (supervisor), former Oxford PhD econ(school director) and an economist I RA'ed for
Research experience: one year as part-time RA in financial economics. Throughout 17/18, I will be an RA at the ECB
Research interest: monetary, macro-economics, intn. finance, time series metrics

Given my background and research interest, what schools are realistic to target? Many thanks in advance!!!