Hi folks! I am planning on applying in the coming year for Econ PhD positions in the top UK universities (Oxbridge, LSE, UCL, Warwick) and I have a GRE from 3 years ago, with a score of:

168 Quantitative, 164 Verbal, 4.0 Writing

I believe it is a good score (I am a non-native English speaker, if that makes any difference for admissions), but I am unsure whether it is enough or I should retake it (at the risk of not improving my score). I am mainly concerned about my writing score, but I have read in a few places that only the quantitative score is really taken into account. To what extent is this true? Any advice in my case?

Tweet-sized background: BA Engineering from good home-country Uni, MSc Statistics with great distintiction from top 50, starting MSc Economics at UCL next; some experience with RA and TA.