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Thread: Econ PhD Profile Evaluation

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    Post Econ PhD Profile Evaluation

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    Hello everyone! I am an upcoming senior trying to apply Econ PhD programs this fall. I understand PhD programs are extremely competitive, so I am not sure what type of schools (top 10, top 20, etc.) I am qualified for. Please let me know where you guys think I should apply. Thank you so much for your help.

    Type of Undergrad: Top 10 US News Public University, Top 15 Econ department, Double Major in Econ and Math
    Undergrad GPA: 3.88/4.00
    GRE: Q 167, V 160, AWA 4.5 - didn't study for quant that much, so I'll be taking it again to get 170 on quant

    Math Courses:
    Lower Division Classes:
    Calculus and Analytic Geometry for Science and Engineering (A)
    Introduction to Differential Equation (A-)
    Vector Calculus (Taking this upcoming year, not a prerequisite to any of my upper division courses, so I've been forgetting to take it)
    Linear Algebra (A)

    Upper Division Classes:
    Mathematical Reasoning (A)
    Applied Linear Algebra (A+)
    Introduction to Analysis I-II (A, A)
    Applicable Math and Computing (A)
    Introduction to Probability (A)
    Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (A+, A+)
    Mathematical Statistics—Time Series (A-)
    Mathematical Statistics—Nonparametric Statistics (Taking this upcoming year)
    The Mathematics of Finance (Taking this upcoming year)

    Econ Courses:
    Lower Division Classes:
    Principles of Microeconomics (A)
    Principles of Macroeconomics (A-)

    Upper Division Classes:
    Intermediate Micro Sequence (A, A+, A)
    Intermediate Macro Sequence (A, A)
    Econometrics Sequence (A+, A+, A+)
    Decisions Under Uncertainty (A)
    Monetary Economics (A)
    Labor Economics (A+)
    Topics in Microeconomics (A)
    Honors Micro (A)
    Honors Macro (A)
    Honors Thesis Sequence (A+ , A+)
    Operational Research Sequence (Taking this upcoming year)

    I am thinking of taking or at least aduiting the graduate micro sequence.

    Letters of Recommendation:
    1. Honors Thesis Teacher/Advisor; he is a well known economic theorist
    2. Honors Thesis Advisor; he worked for the Federal Reserve Board
    3. An economist at a Fed Banks that I've worked with

    Research Experience:
    2 Undergraduate Research Programs
    Undergraduate Honors Thesis
    RA for a PhD student
    RA for Politic Science Professor (specialized in Political Economy)
    Summer Econ Research Intern at a ThinkTank
    Summer Econ Research Intern at a Fed Bank

    Published a research paper at an Ivy League undergraduate journal (I don't think it'll help with my application, but it certainly doesn't hurt)

    Teaching Experience: TA for Econometrics, Tutored Econometrics, Will be TAing for Monetary Economics this fall
    Research Interests: Financial Economics, Macroeconomics
    Concerns: Got two A-'s in lower division courses because I didn't try in freshman year.

    Please let me know what kind of schools you think I should be aiming for or got a shot at. Thank you!

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    Re: Econ PhD Profile Evaluation

    You are a plausible candidate for admission anywhere. But it is going to depend on what your letters say. You should ask your letter writers where to aim for.

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