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Thread: Tips for first e-mail to potential supervisor

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    Tips for first e-mail to potential supervisor

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    Hi all,

    I'm currently shrotlisting a few professors with whom I would very much like to work as a PhD student aiming at 2018 applications. Since I believe first impressions count in this field (as in any other), I thought getting some insights from the Urch community could be valuable.

    Some points:
    - Should I address one specific paper/article or more broadly the area of expertise? The dilemma: while being more specific can be more appealing and show that you have done your homework and read his material, maybe the funding/research was limited to one specific paper, and I would also have an interest in other projects within his work.

    - Should I propose some further meeting in person/Skype? On one hand, an informal talk would always help. However, I can imagine that professors have insanely busy agendas and talking to students enquiring about PhD's can be undoable

    - Any rules about contacting more than one member of the same department? At all uni's I am considering applying, there is more than one professor with whom I would like to work

    General tips are also welcome =)

    PS: if it makes any difference, I'm mainly aiming at UK universities

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    Re: Tips for first e-mail to potential supervisor

    This forum will have little to say on your issue. The US system is very different and advisors are something you aim to find by the end of your second summer in the program.

    In the UK, you kind of need an advisor or to be part of some larger project or center from day one. I don't really know much about that matching process and I don't know of any on the forum who do.

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