Hi everyone!

My profile is below. I have been out of school for a few years and am hoping to get into a PhD program for Fall 2018. Due to various inconsistencies in my profile (no real analysis, a few erratic semesters in terms of grades, etc.), I'm not sure what range of schools I should apply to. I am from Canada and would be happy to attend a Canadian school or a school in the US. Any help is appreciated!


Type of Undergrad: Honours Bachelor of Social Sciences, Specialization in Econ, Minor in Math (Canadian school)
Undergrad GPA: 8.2 / 10.0
Type of Grad: MA Economics (Canadian school)
Grad GPA: 3.63 / 4.0
GRE: Q 168, V 163, AWA 5.0

Math Courses:
Calc I (A+), Calc II (A-), Intro to Linear Algebra (A+), Intro to Probability (B), Intro to Applied Linear Algebra (B+), Intro to Stats (B), Calc III for Engineers (A), Applied Linear Algebra (C+), Sampling and Surveys (B), Differential Equations and Numerical Methods (B+)

Econ Courses:
Undergrad: Intro to Micro (A+), Intro to Macro (A), Micro I (B+), Macro I (A), Micro II (A), Economics of Globalization (A-), Intl Trade (Credit), Mathematical Econ I (A+), Macro III (A), Intro to Econometrics (B+), Economic Relations Canada-US (A-), Micro III (B), Industrial Organization I (A), Directed Research Project (A-), Intro to Labour and Population Econ (A-), Public Econ (A), History of Econ Thought (A+), Game Theories and Corporate Finance Applications (B)

Grad: Micro (B), Econometrics (B+), Public I (A-), Econ Development (A-), Macro (A-), Applied Financial Risk Management (A+), Public II (A-), Urban and Regional Econ (A)

Other Courses: A lot of French and other misc.

Letters of Recommendation:
1 undergrad professor that I had a couple of classes with, 2 professors from masters program

Research Experience:
Undergraduate research project
MA program had small research components

Teaching Experience: TA for 1st year economics and 2nd year macro. Lead tutorials for 1st yr. econ but only graded for 2nd year macro. Tutoring experience. Training new hires at work related to policy concepts.

Research Interests: Behavioural, public, urban

Concerns: I began taking most of my courses in French (including econ and math courses) in third and fourth year, which is a large part of why some of my grades are particularly low. I wasn't aware that I wanted to go to grad school eventually or else I probably would have made some different decisions. Should I be aiming for Top 30 - 75 range? What are some potential schools in the Northern part of the US (i.e., relatively close to Canada)? I'm having a hard time figuring out what is realistic.

Thank you for your help!