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Thread: How do you tell if your professor really likes you?

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    How do you tell if your professor really likes you?

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    I'm an international student in the US. I'm now RAing for a professor and he often gives positive comments on me and my job, like "It's very good", "you're doing a great job", "I'm very impressed". I heard that in the US it doesn't always mean that people actually think highly of you even when they say such praise words to you. I'm worried that the professor might think that I am just mediocre or poor. How do you get to know the professor's true attitude towards you? Is it possible to tell just by looking at the diction of their comments?

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    Re: How do you tell if your professor really likes you?

    Positive feedback during a PhD program is not overly common. You aren't going to get positive feedback unless your results are good. I don't know if your professor likes you, but they are either happy with the work you are doing or strangely unable to express dissatisfaction. The general American "niceness" doesn't really apply in academia.

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